We Guarantee Our Work


100% Customer Satisfaction Program

Zoom Drain & Sewer provides a special 30 day guarantee to ensure you’ll be completely satisfied with any work we do. This is an additional peace-of-mind guarantee that does not cost you anything and it does not affect the longer warranty we provide for the specific work we do.

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our work, all you need to do is let us know in writing or by email and we will have the Service Manager from Zoom step in to assure that any and all technical and application issues are addressed.

If we are still unable to make you 100% Satisfied with the work we’ve done within 30 days, We’ll give you your money-back!

 Drain & Sewer Warranties for the Specific Work We Do

Our drain cleaning guarantee and warranty is simple. We are guaranteeing that we cleaned the drain properly. If the drain clogs again because of our failure, we will re-clean the drain again for free. There are only two things that would void the warranty; these are clogs due to system abuse and clogs that result from pipe defects. Abuse to the drainage system, meaning something improper is flushed down the drain and causes a clog, would be outside of our control and we couldn’t be responsible for that. This is fair. We also can’t control or warranty clogs that result from conditions like broken pipes or defects. Conditions like this, whether preexisting or which develop within the warranty period, are beyond the scope of the original drain cleaning service and will void the warranty. When a broken pipe or defect is discovered or when it is evident someone is abusing the system, additional visits to unclog the drain will be chargeable.