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If you’re experiencing a slow or clogged drain, trust the professionals who focus on nothing but drains and sewers. At Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley, we believe that specializing in drain and sewer solutions for Allentown homes and businesses is the best way to serve you. We are experts, so we can deliver efficient, effective repairs and maintenance every time.

With as much use as a drain gets every day, it’s no wonder it can grow sluggish and slow over time. Organic matter such as hair, soap scum, or cooking grease can catch and build on the walls of your drain, shrinking the space for water to flow and causing clogs and backups. Our Allentown drain experts are ready to deliver professional drain cleaning and repairs to get things flowing again.

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Common Signs of Drain Problems

While drain clogs can certainly happen suddenly, such as when a toy or other foreign object becomes lodged and blocks the flow of water, more often they build up over time. Bathroom drains collect soap scum, beauty products, hair, dirt, and oils, while kitchen drains accumulate cooking grease, fats, food scraps, coffee grounds, and even egg shells. As clogs begin to form, there will likely be a number of telltale signs indicating it’s time to have your drains cleaned.

Call our Allentown drain specialists if you notice:

  • Pooling or slowly draining water
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises during draining
  • Foul odors emanating from drains
  • Frequent and unexplained need to plunge the toilet
  • Drain flies emerging from or gathering near drain

Of course, if your drain is actively overflowing or back-flowing, you need help quickly to prevent excessive water damage or health hazards. Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley offers emergency drain repair for situations that cannot wait until regular business hours. Call us at (610) 601-2948 for emergency drain cleaning in Allentown.

Drain Cleaning Methods We Use

When you choose professional drain cleaning from Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley, our experts will first perform an inspection of the affected drain to be sure we have an accurate understanding of the condition of your plumbing system. From there, we can determine the best method to use to clean your drains.

Our methods for drain cleaning in Allentown include:

  • PowerSnake service – Using a flexible steel cable outfitted with a blade, our PowerSnake machine rotates as it moves through your drain, cutting through any clogs and clearing away buildup from the walls of the pipes.
  • ZOOM Jetting® service – Our very own water jetting system uses powerful, high-pressure jets of water to blast through sludge, debris, grease, and even tree roots to thoroughly clean out your drains and clear clogs without damaging your pipes.
  • Eco-friendly care products – We use and recommend several maintenance care products to help minimize buildup and clogs. These include bacteria-based drain cleaners, gentle herbicides to slow the growth of tree roots, and more.

We do not recommend store-bought liquid drain cleaners. These are typically very caustic and do not take into account the many variables present in household drain clogs. They can cause damage to plumbing systems and produce hazardous fumes, and they often just don’t work very well. Drain cleaning from our Allentown drain specialists offers you peace of mind and can save you money in the long run.

How to Prevent Drain Clogs

Keeping your drains free and clear of clogs isn’t difficult, but it does take some vigilance. Here are some tips from our drain experts for preventing drain clogs and maintaining clean drains:

  • No foreign matter: Be careful about what washes down the drain. Never pour cooking grease down the drain, and keep eggshells, coffee grounds, baby wipes, medication, hygiene products, and other items out of drains, as well.
  • Run hot water: At least once a week, run hot water through all of your household drains. This will help break down grease, oils, and other buildup and keep drains cleaner, longer.
  • Use drain traps: Cover drains with a mesh screen or trap to catch hair and other debris before it washes down the drain and accumulates in a water-slowing clog.

As we mentioned, we do not recommend store-bought liquid drain cleaner. If you wish to try unclogging a drain before calling in the professionals, we highly recommend using a simple plunger. This method can be surprisingly effective for many clogs and does not harm your drains or plumbing system.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in Allentown

At Zoom Drain of Lehigh Valley, we offer trenchless sewer and drain repair. Traditional excavation methods are invasive and can cause damage to your yard and landscaping, so we prefer to utilize trenchless repairs and replacement whenever possible. Trenchless methods are much less invasive, often requiring just two small holes, one on either end. Depending on the condition of your current drain lines, we may recommend our ZOOM PowerPipe™ trenchless solution, which is also known as pipe bursting, or we may recommend ZOOM Pipe Relining, a seamless, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner. We also serve Easton and other areas of the Lehigh Valley.

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