Sewer & Drain Services in Evanston

Residential and Commercial Sewer & Drain Services

Unexpected plumbing issues are more than a passing annoyance. They can put a stop to your day or force your business to close up shop indefinitely. After all, you can’t run a successful business or household when your facilities aren’t in working order. When these seemingly insurmountable challenges appear, you should always reach out to our professionals at Zoom Drain of Northern Suburbs Chicago.

We provide customers with the highest quality services that include:

From a slow-moving drain to sewer maintenance, our technicians are specialized in an assortment of drainage issues. Because all of our in-field technicians concentrate exclusively on sewer and drain services, we’re able to address problems and deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions for every customer. We offer timely and innovative results that cause minimal interruption to your day.

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Drain and Sewer Cleaning Methods We Deploy

From a backed-up drain to sewer system failure, drain and sewer issues can cause significant problems. Regardless of the problems, our experienced team has the right equipment to handle any job, big or small. Our technicians are fully equipped with the latest technology to address your drain and sewer concerns.

We have the following tools at our disposal:

  • A variety of flexible steel drain snakes: These steel cables are designed with blades to move through your drain and flush away debris of any size.
  • Pipe inspection cameras: When it’s difficult to see into your drainage system, our technicians use miniature video cameras that travel through your pipes to assess the problem correctly.
  • Gentle yet high-pressure water equipment: We pride ourselves on removing obstructions while being gentle on your pipes. ZOOM Jetting® water equipment uses water jets to blast away contaminants from your drains.
  • Eco-friendly drain treatments: Safe and bacteria-based drain treatments are techniques we utilize to clear pipes of plant root growth and other naturally occurring items and keep them from coming back.

We’re so proud of the tried-and-true methods we deploy to resolve our customers’ drain and sewer concerns.

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Experts & Educators in Drainage Maintenance

Our dedicated Evanston technicians have decades of experience that allow us to provide cost-saving solutions and educate the community on preventing drain issues. We always recommend hiring a professional for serious plumbing problems, but we know sometimes a do-it-yourself approach is more appropriate.

Try these simple techniques to keep your drains and sewers issue-free:

  • Avoid putting old leftovers or hazardous products down the drain: Most fruit and vegetable scraps are safe to put into the garbage disposal. However, avoid discarding items such as cooking grease, eggshells, non-flushable wipes, and hygiene products down your drain. These items can be detrimental to the long-term operation of your pipes.
  • Use a drain catcher: Found at your local store, drain catchers keep unwanted items from getting caught unknowingly in your drain. These nifty, inexpensive items are designed to protect your plumbing from being inundated with hazardous and clog-inducing objects and pollutants.
  • Flush drains regularly: Believe it or not, your drain could already be clogged and you’d never know it until something catastrophic happens. To help keep your drains unobstructed, flush five gallons of hot water down your drain regularly.

In need of more expert advice? Call us at (847) 320-9078 to make an appointment in Evanston or request a quote and we’ll be there when you need us!

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