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Your plumbing system carries a heavy load. The total amount of waste that a sewer system removes over the course of year is shocking when you take a careful look at the numbers. We depend on our sewers and drains to stay running smoothly so we can go about our daily business. When they fail, our routines and daily affairs can get bogged down quickly.

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Your Drain Pipe's Worst Enemy

There are a number of items that get flushed or washed down the drain that simply do not belong in your sewer pipes. Being informed about what objects and products can cause damage can help you protect and maintain the lifespan of your sewer system.

Here are some items that do not belong in your pipes:

  • Cat Litter: While some companies try to advertise litter than can be flushed, the reality is that these items can cause problems for your pipes.
  • Feminine Hygiene Products: Because feminine products do not dissolve in water, they are prone to jamming up pipes. Again, these are sometimes marketed as safe to flush, but experts generally advise against it.
  • Certain Food Waste: Soft and small food items are generally okay to wash down through your garbage disposal. However, there are a few items that frequently cause clogs. These include: egg shells, coffee grounds, pasta, and rice.
  • Grease & Fat: Oil and grease have the ability to harden and coat pipes and cause severe clogging problems over time. A large portion of sewer problems can be directly attributed to grease.
  • Paper & Cotton Products: Anything more durable than toilet paper is not advisable to flush down the drain. This includes paper towels as well as cotton balls.
  • Baby Wipes: Here is yet another product that is commonly marketed as "flushable". Plumbers, especially metropolitan sewer workers, know better. If baby wipes can clog city-sized sewer mains, think what these can do to your home's pipes!

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