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Taking care of your commercial drain and sewer lines is one of the key elements to running a functional business operation. While there are many products available that can help maintain your lines, ZOOM DRAIN® offers natural, safe solutions that can help to maximize the reliability and lifespan of your pipes.

We stock all of our service trucks with the equipment we need, such as many different size drain cables, video inspection equipment, water jetting machines, and ZOOM DRAIN® Bio-Clean drain products that are both natural and safe. Our team is prepared to handle whatever trouble we run into with your commercial drains.

Grease Control Treatments

Think of ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ as a probiotic for your drains. This natural drain product dissolves grease, food, soap, hair, and other organic wastes. It’s a completely safe and effective alternative to dangerous, acid-based drain cleaners you can buy over the counter.

We also supply CitraJet® which emulsifies grease, oils, and fats in drain and sewer lines using a natural citrus degreaser.

Tree Root Control Treatments

Our drain cleaning experts use RootX® to treat tree roots and slow root regrowth in your commercial sewer lines. This product contains an aquatic herbicide called Dichlobenil that’s strong enough to retard root intrusion without damaging your pipes. This product that keeps pipes clear for up to 12 months. With our expertise, we can help keep your pipes free of root blockages year after year.

The ZOOM DRAIN® Difference

While our drain and sewer cleaning professionals use the most advanced, natural products on the market, it’s our techniques that help to maximize the results of our services. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our commercial drain care products.

Contact ZOOM DRAIN® at (866) 225-5966 for more information about our fast, expert drain and sewer services.

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