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Have you recently noticed any foul odors or gurgling sounds coming from your drains? Are you questioning the reliability of your old sewer pipes? Zoom Drain can help! From drain cleaning and other types of preventative maintenance to full video inspections to top-quality sewer cleaning and repairs, our team of professionals is on the job. We use our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the results you need right away. It’s our goal to help you stress less and return to your normal routine as soon as possible.​​​​​ 

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Zoom Drain Symptom Solver

If you are not sure what’s going on with your plumbing, we are here to help! Choose from the symptoms below and we will guide you in the right direction.

Drain & Sewer Symptoms

Whether you need ZOOM DRAIN® to blast away clogs, remove drain line buildup, repair your pipe, or replace the line entirely, we have the advanced tools and expertise to do so. Our team is prepared to pinpoint the problem and help you determine the best and most cost-effective course of action to take. Is your home or place of business experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Sewer System Backup

Common symptoms of a sewer system backup include strong sewage odors, gurgling sounds coming from your drains or toilets, or water backup out from any of your drains, showers, or toilets. If your sewer system is backed up, it is likely due to a clog, tree root intrusion, or pipe damage. The first step is to try to clear the blockage with our PowerSnake or ZOOM Jetting service, and then a video inspection needs to be performed to determine if and further work is needed. Our expertise and advanced drain cleaning methods can get your lines flowing again in no time.

Clogged Kitchen Drain and/or Garbage Disposal

Some of the causes of drain line clogs in kitchen drains are years of drain build-up, a failing garbage disposal, or too much food being disposed down the drain. We will typically recommend our PowerSnake or ZOOM Jetting® services, depending on the severity of the situation. Give us a call if your kitchen drain has raised water levels, is making gurgling sounds, smells foul, or is slow to drain.

Slow Running Drains

If you’re experiencing slow drainage, it is most likely due to years of drainline build-up, or if in a bathroom, hair accumulating in the drains. The most common remedy for these types of clogs are our PowerSnake service. We also have products that can help prevent this from happening in the future.

Cracked or Broken Drains

It’s difficult to determine if you have cracked or broken drains until a video inspection is performed. Cracked or broken drains are usually preceded by recurring blockages, consistent foul drain odors or the presence of sewer flies. The first step is attempt to clear the blocked drain and then immediately inspect the drain. In some cases a smoke test can be performed to reveal cracks or breaks. ZOOM DRAIN performs a free peek video inspection with our PowerSnake and ZOOM Jetting service.

Tree Root Problems

It’s usually impossible to tell if tree roots have infiltrated your sewer line unless you’ve had the drain line cleared before and were told that tree roots are entering your drainline. Tree roots grow toward water vapor and enter drain and sewer lines by cracks, broken pipes or separated pipe joints. The only long term solution is to repair the pipe so that tree roots stop getting in. ZOOM DRAIN offers Conventional and Trenchless Drain Repairs to fix these kind of problems. We also offer a Tree Root Prevention Service that uses our ZOOM Jetting service combined with video inspection and Rootx to provide a cost effective mid-term solution.

Food and Grease Buildup and Clogs

It’s best to avoid putting eggshells, rice, coffee grinds, oils, and food scraps that contain heavy amounts of grease. All of these items can cause clogs or cause build up inside your pipes over time. Clogs that occur from food or grease clogs will have to be cleared using ZOOM Power Snake or ZOOM Jetting service, then treated with ZOOM DRAIN Bio or CitraJet.

Sewer Odor and/or Sewer Flies

The presences of sewer flies and/or a foul sewer odor can indicate a serious underground drainage problem. Sewer flies inside a home or commercial building are almost a sure sign of an underground broken pipe. The drain lines will need to be thoroughly inspected with a video inspection camera and/or by performing a smoke test which is a way to test for leaks or breaks.

Purchasing a Home – Drain Inspection

When buying a new home, it’s important to ensure the reliability of your drain and sewer lines. Most plumbing is hidden behind walls and underground. ZOOM DRAIN® can perform a detailed video inspection of your drainage system using cutting-edge video camera inspection equipment specially designed to detect any abnormalities within your new property’s main drain line. Most townships and municipalities now require a video inspection of the main drain before a home sale can be completed. Our team has the tools and expertise to help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Recurring/Stubborn Blockages

Recurring blockages or clogs that are very difficult to clear could indicate a more significant problem than a simple clog. If you experience frequent clogs in your home or place of business, it may be because your pipes are failing or they simply need to be properly cleaned. A video inspection is most often needed to find the source of the recurring problem.

Water Overflowing from Outside Cleanout

If you find standing water in your cleanout or water that is overflowing out of your cleanout, you most likely have a main sewer line clog. ZOOM DRAIN® utilizes state-of-the-art technology to clear main drain blockages and to blast away years of drain buildup. Our ZOOM Jetting Service can leave you with pipes as good as new.

Basement Water Overflow

If your basement drains are overflowing, it is most likely due to a clog in your main sewer line. Basement drains are usually the lowest level drains in the house, so when when water overflows here, it’s most likely a clog further out into the main drain or sewer line. ZOOM DRAIN PowerSnake or ZOOM Jetting service is typically the first line of defense in combating

Toilet Overflow

An overflowing or clogged toilet isn’t fun to deal with. If the clog resides in just the toilet alone then we can usually clear the integral trap by running a snake through the toilet to clear the clog. Combs, brushes, and children’s toys are common causes of toilet clogs. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the toilet to check if an object is lodged. Our team of experts has all the tools and experience to provide you with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Drains Gurgling

This is typically a symptom of a clogged sewer line. Gurgling is due to the drainage system “gasping” for air, and it’s a sure sign that the system is at least partially clogged. It’s important to call our team of drain and sewer experts so that we can address the problem before a blockage and system overflow occurs.. We’re equipped to diagnose and resolve the issue quickly before it worsens to minimize both your stress and the repair cost.

Clogged downspout drain

Your downspouts are designed to divert water away from your home or place of business, keeping your basement dry and protecting your foundation. Your downspout drain may be clogged if you notice water pooling where the downspout system is buried, water backing up in your gutters, or water backing up at the beginning or end of your underground downspout system. This problem should not be ignored for any amount of time. Most times it’s due to leaves and debris that have caused a clog. ZOOM Jetting is the best solution to clear and wash away the material that causes storm drain clogs. Our drain and sewer experts at ZOOM DRAIN® are ready to help.

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ZOOM DRAIN® is proud to be recognized for providing the most reliable drain and sewer services. Whether you own a home, or own or manage commercial space, we have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right the first time. Learn more about how we help our various types of customers.

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