Will Hydro Jetting Service Clear Roots From Sewer Lines?

Will Hydro Jetting Service Clear Roots From Sewer Lines?

Your property’s trees might be beautiful and provide luscious shade and protection from the elements but they’re also the sworn enemy of drain and sewer lines. If you live in an area with tree-lined streets, it’s important to consider just what could be occurring beneath the surface.

A lot of variables come into play regarding the battle between your wastewater system and roots, the most important of which is age, for both your home and trees. The older a tree is, typically the larger it is – both above ground and below, with roots often growing twice the size of the tree! The older your home’s sewer lines are, the more susceptible it can be to roots, which enter through the pipe’s seams while staying near the surface to search for water and nutrients.

Pipes that are made from thin material such as corrugated metal and PVC are also more susceptible to tree root invasion, along with improperly installed or put together pipes. Tree roots enter pipes over a lengthy amount of time, especially if you’re not vigilant about scheduling regular inspections. It can lead to broken or cracked lines, thanks in part to corrosion – and that can cost you, not just for drain cleaning service but if the sewer pipe needs to be replaced.

How Do I Know If Tree Roots Have Invaded My Sewer Line?

Although you can’t see into sewer lines with the naked eye, there are some warning signs when it comes to tree root invasion, including gurgling toilets, strange odors outside and sinkholes.

Dealing with slowing or clogged sewer lines isn’t fun and no one wants to call in the professionals if they don’t need to but since sewer lines run underground through your property, it’s impossible to tell, with the naked eye, what sort of damage tree roots are doing. But don’t worry, your pipes offer some warning signs if they’re under attack and need to be cleared: 

Will Hydro Jetting Service Clear Roots From Sewer Lines?Outside Odors: Do you smell rotten eggs around your home? It could be a giveaway that you’ve got a clogged sewer line – and tree roots might very well be the culprit!

Gurgling Toilet: If your toilets are gurgling, they’re most likely crying out for help. It’s a sign that water is not flowing as it should be and that some sort of blockage is to blame.

Sinkholes: Perhaps the most incriminating sign of tree root invasion is sinkholes, appearing around your yard, which is often because of a leak caused by pipe damage.

Strange Tree Health: Do you have a tree that’s growing faster or that looks greener? It could be because it’s feeding off of the waste that’s flowing through your sewer line.

Now that you know the signs, how exactly can you get rid of those trouble-causing roots? One solution that is often mentioned is hydro jetting, a service where a high-pressure water jetter pumps water through the sewer line, blasting away anything that might be sitting in the line.

Will Hydro Jetting Really Cut Through And Clear Tree Roots?

Blasting high-pressure water through your sewer line can eliminate most severe tree root invasion, though in rare instances you’ll need equipment with a little more power.

With the ability to blast as much as 4,000 PSI through any sewer line, hydro jetting is basically powerwashing for your pipes and it’s recommended for severe root invasion. Best left in the hands of a professional, they’ll start by performing a video sewer inspection to determine just where the blockage is located and the amount of roots taking up your line. But not all blockages are created equal, which is why there are different nozzle heads for each hydro jetter, including one that pushes out an intense blast of water while it spins, cutting through the roots as the water then pushes them away – it works so well it can actually split a piece of two-by-four wood.

But as effective as hydro jetting might be, sometimes tree roots are just too thick and require stronger equipment. That’s where powersnaking, a lengthy flexible cord with a rotating blade on the head, is an effective solution – offering a great one-two punch when combined with hydro jetting. Cut it up, wash it away, all without damaging your pipe, and your line is flowing again!

Not sure if your sewer lines are battling tree root invasion, or just want your wastewater pipes inspected? Let the professionals check out your line and blast anything away with our hydro jetting service. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online at your nearest location today.