Now Open: Get To Know The Owners Of Zoom Drain Cincinnati

Now Open: Get To Know The Owners Of Zoom Drain Cincinnati

Zoom Drain of Cincinnati and Southern Ohio is proudly owned and operated by Lannae and Alex Greene, a mother-son duo, both of whom are Ohio natives, excited to develop their very own franchise. But it’s more than just a franchise for the two, it’s a family business that will get handed over to Alex one day so he can take control and continue to build upon the legacy they’ve started.

With his career in front of him, Alex chose a profession in the trades and Lannae encouraged her son’s desire to work with his hands, helping point him in a fulfilling direction. Not only has Alex achieved an expert-level skill in the trades, but he’s helping the community he calls home.

Now Open: Get To Know The Owners Of Zoom Drain Cincinnati“Cincinnati has a small town feel – we take an enormous amount of pride in that,” Alex Greene admitted. “We love the Bengals and can’t get enough Skyline Chili! And the people here are second to none. We want to make Cincinnati proud, just like we’re proud to call the area home.”

Much like her son, Lannae has always called southwestern Ohio home, earning an Associate Degree from Kettering College of Medical Arts. For close to 25 years, Lannae has worked as a registered Radiographer, Mammographer and Sonographer, first for Cincinnati-area hospitals before opening her own ultrasound practice, where she now runs the day-to-day operations.

Establishing their own brand near their home, with the support of Zoom Drain, proved enticing for both Lannae and Alex. Their focus wasn’t just on the present but on the future, leaving Alex with something he can eventually pass down when the time comes, encouraging the next generation of their family with a rewarding career in the trades, much like Lannae has done.

But that’s not the most exciting part for them – it’s helping local businesses and residents alike.

“What excites me the most is meeting new people, helping the community as much as we can and being the brand our neighbors and those throughout Cincinnati trust,” said Lannae Greene. “We take pride in being able to show up and fix the problem right then and there, so our customers can get on with the more important things in life. We want to be the ones that calm their nerves and tell them it's going to be fine and that we’re going to take care of their problem.”

We serve communities around Cincinnati and southern Ohio: Loveland, Hillsboro, Newtown, Batavia, Wilmington and the surrounding areas.