Maintenance Programs

Commercial Planned Maintenance Programs

No More Surprise Stoppages

An unexpected drain problem usually happens at the worst time, resulting in lost revenue and major expenses. ZOOM DRAIN® provides Planned Maintenance Solutions that are specifically focused on the drain emergencies you’ve had in the past so that we can help prevent them in the future.

Precision Solutions with Accurate Inspections

We offer a free onsite inspection and discounts for regularly scheduled cleanings. Your ZOOM DRAIN® System Engineer can provide a customized Planned Maintenance (PM) program for you, with options that fit your schedule and budget. Services include ZOOM Jetting®, our exclusive high-pressure water jet cleaning for high-use drains, all-natural and safe drain cleaning treatments for grease buildup, and periodic drain line inspections.

We Work When You’re Not

Our Planned Maintenance Services can be scheduled for off-hours, nights, weekends, or any time that’s convenient for you. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly Planned Maintenance Programs are available.

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What Are The Benefits of Planned Maintenance Programs?

Spring is drawing to a close, meaning it’s almost time to put the finishing touches on your garden, dust off the grill to cook the perfect steaks, or throw your cap and grab your diploma.

What do these three things have in common? They took time and care to perfect! What makes you think your drains are any different?

Just like education, cooking, and gardening, emergency-free drains require consistent repetition and maintenance. Though most of us don’t notice our drains until something goes wrong with them.

Here are a few reasons to give them the much-needed TLC they deserve through the Zoom Drain Planned Maintenance program:


When it comes to your drains, the more you know about them the better. From backups to cracks and breaks, there are a lot of ways that under-maintained drains can ruin your daily routine. Remember those nightmares where you walked into class and realized that you had a huge test that you didn’t study for? If you want to avoid that happening in real life, opt for the smarter answer to your drain problems: Zoom Drain’s Planned Maintenance program. One of our expert technicians will personally tailor a drain cleaning program for you. Oh, and get this: just like it’s WAY better to work out 20-30 minutes a day than to work out 15 hours in one session, it’s way better [and less painful] to periodically maintain your drains than it is to wait until they’ve backed up.


The hard facts of life are that your drain is inevitably going to back up or crack. Thankfully your wallet won’t feel nearly as light if you catch these problems early before they develop into nightmares. The thought of paying to keep your drains cleaned could seem like a wasted yearly expense. But it doesn’t look too bad once you realize that the price tag for repairing a preventable problem could range from $1,000 to $25,000!


Over time obstructions like hair, grease, food, tree roots, and coffee grounds can get stuck to the inside of your pipes, collecting and growing with each passing rinse. The longer these buildups go undetected, the higher your odds of getting a clog that could make the Hoover Dam jealous. By having an expert drain technician inspect and regularly treat your drains with Zoom Bio you can guarantee that your pipes stay safe from pressure build-ups, while also saving yourself the headache of a backed-up drain.


There are many unpleasant smells in the world, but nothing smells quite as bad as an under-maintained drain. The dried remains of lasagna night from two months ago floating out of your sink to fill your business with a cloud of foul odors. Planned maintenance and high-pressure water jetting can help get rid of any lingering food, debris, or mold to keep your business smelling fresh.

We Are A Team Of Trained Drain Maintenance Specialists

Call our office or schedule a visit online and we’ll send one of our expert technicians to customize the perfect Planned maintenance for your drains’ needs!

With years of experience and our own in-house training center, you can rest assured we’re not coming to learn on the job. Cleaning drains is our specialty and each of our technicians cleans thousands every year – more than the average plumber cleans in a lifetime!

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