Maintenance Programs

Commercial Planned Maintenance Programs

No More Surprise Stoppages

An unexpected drain problem usually happens at the worst time, resulting in lost revenue and major expenses. ZOOM DRAIN® provides Planned Maintenance Solutions that are specifically focused on the drain emergencies you’ve had in the past so that we can help prevent them in the future.

Precision Solutions with Accurate Inspections

We offer a free onsite inspection and discounts for regularly scheduled cleanings. Your ZOOM DRAIN® System Engineer can provide a customized Planned Maintenance (PM) program for you, with options that fit your schedule and budget. Services include ZOOM Jetting®, our exclusive high-pressure water jet cleaning for high-use drains, all-natural and safe drain cleaning treatments for grease buildup, and periodic drain line inspections.

We Work When You’re Not

Our Planned Maintenance Services can be scheduled for off-hours, nights, weekends, or any time that’s convenient for you. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly Planned Maintenance Programs are available.

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Trained Specialists

With years of experience and our own in-house training center, you can rest assured we’re not coming to learn on the job. Cleaning drains is our specialty and each of our technicians cleans thousands every year – more than the average plumber cleans in a lifetime!

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  • "Service was provided in a very professional manner from start to finish of our plumbing issues"

    - J Clark

  • "Professional, Personable, and Persistent"

    - Jade

  • "We have peace of mind and a hospital wing that stays open."

    - Ken Fetter