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The solution for septic, storm drain & grease trap backups and maintenance

There are many drainage systems on commercial properties that can back up and cause major problems for your facility. When systems begin to slow down or actively clog you are faced with the possibility of property damage, unusable facilities and environmental concerns.

With Zoom PumpingTM, we are equipped to vacuum commercial septic tanks, grease traps and interceptors, storm drainage systems and sewage overflow.

Our vacuum trucks are engineered for septage and grease with bigger commercial drain pumps, a tank that holds up to 2,000 gallons of sludge, and a hose that can reach up to 300 feet extending to those hard to reach access points with ease.

Unclog grease traps now with our grease trap cleaning services. call (866) 225-5966 now or schedule service today.

What are signs that your commercial property needs pumping services?

  • Township recommendation/requirement
  • Manufacturer recommendation
  • Flooded parking lots
  • Sewer smell coming from outside
  • Backed up manholes
  • Septic tank overflows
  • Slow kitchen drainage leading to grease trap
  • Grease overflows on premises
  • Trough drain flooding
  • Sewage ejector pits stop working
  • Lift station alarm is triggered

As part of our services, if there is a backed up manhole on your property, we not only clean the sewer line, but pump the overflowing septage into our trucks. We ensure that the clog is not only clear, but that it doesn’t cause any downstream blockages in municipalities.

We also have qualified technicians that diagnose and repair each system including lift stations, ejector pumps, grease traps & more!

These systems need to be properly maintained on regular intervals to ensure correct functionality. Our technicians provide professional recommendations of scheduled cleanings to help avoid blockages throughout your entire property that could result in issues with the Department of Health and your local municipality. Talk to us about setting up a planned maintenance agreement.

Call (866) 225-5966 for more information on commercial kitchen cleaning near you or schedule service today.

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