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Clogged drains causing chaos in your home or business? Zoom Drain of Richmond is here to help! Our professional drain cleaning services are just what you need. We’re experienced, reliable and we guarantee a top-notch job every time - so you can have the peace of mind that your plumbing will be taken care of quickly and with quality workmanship.

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  • Customer satisfaction and warranties - We're delighted to provide among the greatest warranties in the business that are straightforward, honest, and dependable.
  • Our coupons and special offers.
  • We provide next-day and same-day services.
  • Good Service Trucks from Us (trust us, we have virtually everything needed for efficient and thorough drainage inspections)
  • Our availability and fixed prices

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Our team members use state-of-the art technology to clear blocked pipes, locate the source of any issue and repair it efficiently for an affordable price. Plus, our detailed assessment will identify possible points about which you should be aware if this type of problem might happen again in the future.

Frequently asked questions about drain cleaning

Do plumbers recommend drain cleaner?

Plumbers also recommend using drain cleaner on a regular basis. Drain cleaner is a chemical that helps to break down any build-up in your drain. However, you should be careful with using drain cleaner because it can damage your pipes if used too often.

Can drain cleaner make a clog worse?

No, but if you have a slow drain, it might not be the best idea to use drain cleaner because it can take awhile for the chemical to work its way through the build-up. In this case, it’s best to call a professional plumber who can clear the slow drain for you.

Call us at (804) 531-6481 or schedule an online appointment today for same day services on all your drain cleaning needs!

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  • “ Zoom Drain were phenomenal. Our plumber recommended them to us and they exceed all of our expectations!”

    - John G.

  • “Excellent job! Very professional men. Got the job done in less then one hour. Would highly recommend.”

    - Charles S.

  • “Highly recommend! I had an emergency situation my daughter recommended zoom drain. Very happy with the whole experience. They came out in the time frame quoted did the job at a fair price.”

    - Ella