Hug A Drain And Sewer Expert: April 25 Is National Plumbers Day

Hug A Drain And Sewer Expert: April 25 Is National Plumbers Day

April 25 might seem like just another Tuesday this year but it’s a date we’ve had circled on our calendar. Depending on where you get your information, April 25 is either National Plumbers Day or National Hug A Plumber Day and no matter which one you choose to celebrate, it’s an opportunity to spotlight and offer appreciation to those men and women in the plumbing industry.

While plumbing has been around longer than any of us have been alive, since roughly 2,700 BC to be exact, it shows just how much we, as a society, depend on water in our day-to-day life. Because, when it comes right down to it, water is something we all need and, just as much as we need it to enter our home, business, wherever, we also need it to leave safely as well!

Plumbing systems have certainly changed dramatically since they were first introduced to society all of those years ago but let’s stop for a second and take a minute to think about where we’d be without plumbers, or more specifically drain and sewer experts. More than likely, we wouldn’t have drainage systems in our homes – and if we did, they’d be clogged. Instead, we’d probably still be living like we were more than a century ago, walking outside of our homes to use an outhouse – or worse, we might still have to find a plot of land to use for our business.

Four Ways To Thank Your Plumber This National Plumbers Day

Keeping the world flowing isn’t an easy job but it’s one of the most important. This year, to celebrate National Plumbers Day, thank the plumber in your life, one who might be close to you and your family or one that’s gotten you out of a jam. It’s not always the easiest line of work but it’s certainly rewarding, to help solve a problem for someone. Here’s simple ways to say thanks:

  • Shout Them Out On Social Media: Share a photo of your favorite plumber, it doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, family member or just someone who has helped keep your lines flowing. Keep in mind, there’s 364 other days a year to thank plumbers for all they do.
  • Hug A Drain And Sewer Expert: April 25 Is National Plumbers DayLeave A Positive Review: Believe it or not, reviews are an important part of any business, especially for plumbers. Let the digital world see how much you appreciate the hard work of your plumber and the top-notch experience they were able to provide.
  • Refer Them To Your Friends: Word of mouth is a great way to let your plumber know you appreciate what they do. Were they fast and efficient? Then why not share their information with those in your circle, especially if they’re in need of a clog removal.
  • Say “Thank You” With A Hug: It is referred to as Hug A Plumber Day, so what better way to show your appreciation than a good, old-fashioned hug. We also accept food.

If you’re battling a slow drain, hearing loud gurgling noises or smelling rotten eggs from your drain, we’re ready to help. Our experts will solve any wastewater problem fast and efficiently – and you’ll see exactly what makes every one of our experts so awesome! Call us anytime or schedule an appointment online and we’ll come out, inspect and clean your wastewater lines.