Non-Invasive Commercial and Residential Infrastructure Rehab Solutions

Using cutting-edge technologies, we address the challenging vertical and horizontal sewer infrastructure for commercial, industrial and residential customers. Our services provide a safe, fast, and cost-effective alternative to traditional replacement methods. Typical sewer and drain lines that we repair include main lines, stacks, branch lines, and lateral connections.

Typical solutions we can provide:

  • Pipe Inspection, locating and assessment
  • CIPP lining (Ambient Cure, Steam Cure and UV Cure)
  • Spot lining
  • Structural renewal
  • Brush coating
  • Host pipes consisting of clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, plastic and fiberglass
  • Residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Sanitary drain pipes
  • Roof drain systems
  • Vertical sanitary systems
  • Storm drain systems
  • And many more

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We can install injunctions, bends, horizontal and/or vertical pipes in one complete application, even with pipes that have multiple bends, elbows, branches, and changes in pipe diameter.

We can start and stop lining at any point within the pipe to give greater flexibility with sectional lining

Meets or exceeds ASTMD790, D638, and D543 Standards

Life expectancy: 50+ years

Trenchless Sewer Repair Can Correct Most:

  • Cracks in clay, lead, cast iron, orangeburg, and plastic or PVC pipes
  • Corrosion due to rust, age, or environmental deterioration
  • Pipe breaks or holes
  • Minor pipe or joint misalignment
  • Tree roots in the pipes
  • Sewage backups or blockages
  • Sewer gas leaks/odors

Typical Customers:

  • Residential & Multi-family Homes
  • Apartment and Townhome Associations
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Retail Complexes
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Office Complexes
  • Commercial Warehouses
  • Religious Institutions
  • Sports and Entertainment Complexes
  • Hotels and Event Centers
  • Hospitals & Nursing Facilities

Revolutionize Your Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation with CIPP Lining Solutions

When it comes to addressing deteriorating sewer pipes, traditional pipe replacement poses several challenges, including extensive construction disruption, prolonged completion times, and the likelihood of recurring issues. However, innovative CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) lining solutions offer a compelling alternative.

  • Non-destructive and eco-friendly: CIPP lining solutions offer a non-invasive approach to sewer pipe rehabilitation, minimizing disruption to surroundings and reducing environmental impact.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to conventional pipe replacement, CIPP lining solutions can cost significantly less, making it a budget-friendly option for property owners.
  • Minimal structural modification: With CIPP lining, there's no need to tear down walls or excavate streets or lawns, resulting in minimal disruption to property structures.
  • Faster installation: CIPP lining can be installed in a fraction of the time required for traditional pipe replacement, reducing overall project duration and minimizing inconvenience to property owners.
  • Long-term solution: CIPP lining helps prevent future issues such as corrosion and leaks, offering lasting benefits and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or repairs.

CIPP lining solutions provide acost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly method for rehabilitating sewer pipes. By minimizing disruption, reducing installation time, and offering long-term durability, CIPP lining offers a compelling alternative to traditional pipe replacement methods.

Experience the benefits of CIPP lining for yourself. Contact us today by calling (239) 320-7217 or reach out online to schedule a consultation and learn how our innovative solutions can benefit your property.

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