Now Open: Get To Know The Owner Of Zoom Drain Boise!

Now Open: Get To Know The Owner Of Zoom Drain Boise!

Zoom Drain of Boise is proudly owned and operated by Todd Hager, a Boise transplant and proud alum of Warner Pacific College, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Originally from San Diego, Todd later moved north to Portland. There, he would eventually meet his wife and start a family, all while beginning to travel to Boise for work. Immediately, he fell in love with both the city and its surroundings – and the people! He always knew he wanted to move to a smaller city and Boise just so happened to cater to outdoor activities Todd loved.

“Boise checked all of the boxes: small city, lots of outdoor recreational activities, a drier climate – albeit, a colder climate as well,” Todd admitted. “And with the people that I’ve met, even the strangers, everyone here is really willing to jump in and help, even if they don’t know you, so the opportunity to plant the first Zoom Drain flag in Boise, and help my community, is really exciting.”

Now Open: Get To Know The Owner Of Zoom Drain Boise!After a career in sales, working for mid-to-large size companies centered in both the health and wellness and food industries in the Pacific Northwest, Todd felt like his future was in someone else’s hands and wanted to carve out his own destiny. With entrepreneurship on his mind, Hager looked at potential avenues, all while avoiding franchising, or what he called the “f-word.”

“I don’t know why, I just associated franchising with something I should steer clear from but I started delving into it and got connected to Zoom Drain,” Todd recalled. “Almost immediately, the idea of a dirty job appealed to me – I got really excited about it and saw this as my future!”

Now, Todd has something he can take immense pride in and evolve – something he could leave to his son one day. Until then, he’s thrilled with being the drain and sewer expert in Boise.

“To leave a hero, from a job site, that’s almost enough reward,” Todd admitted. “I’ve never quite had that sense of satisfaction in my career and I know that Zoom Drain will provide it! This is a real and tangible problem someone has in their home or business – it affects how they go about their day. Combining top-notch people and best-in-class technology and equipment to solve those problems is pretty special.”

We serve communities around Boise: Meridian, Nampa, Garden City and beyond.