How Many Feet Does Zoom Drain Cover In A Single Day?

How Many Feet Does Zoom Drain Cover In A Single Day?

Each and every day, Zoom Drain’s army of trucks hit the road to solve your drain and sewer problems, with our experts working tirelessly to leave no drain unclogged. Finding a clog takes the right equipment, however, to spot blockages that can sometimes be hundreds of feet away.

Some visits require a simple house snaking of just a few feet while other times we might use the entirety of our 325-foot hose to clear a commercial line – it all depends on the circumstances. With so many drains getting our expert attention, it can be challenging to keep track of how many feet we cover on any given day but we did some number crunching – and just a little math – to come up with an approximate average distance for Zoom Drain’s technicians.

On average, a Zoom Drain technician will snake about 400 feet in a single day. Sure, it could be significantly more than that – or maybe even a little less – but that amount covers a lot of pipe. But just how long is 400 feet – well, we’ve got some numbers that’ll better put it into perspective.

  • How Many Feet Does Zoom Drain Cover In A Single Day?The approximate distance to centerfield (395 feet) at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium.
  • The length of approximately 25 standard parking spaces (16 feet) lined up in a row.
  • Almost 11 school buses (35 feet) in length, all lined up from front to back.
  • Just over 60 standard household wooden doors (6.66 feet), spread out length-wise.

Those aren’t surprising numbers per technician – but let’s take it a little further. If that’s just one technician on a given day, what does a specific location potentially snake collectively? Let’s look at our headquarters, Zoom Drain Philadelphia, for example, where there’s 27 expert technicians serving the area. 27 technicians, at 400 feet per day each, equals 10,800 feet for the entire site.

  • How Many Feet Does Zoom Drain Cover In A Single Day?Just over five times the height of the Shanghai Tower (2,073 feet) in China.
  • A little more than 17 times the height of The Gateway Arch (630 feet) in St. Louis.
  • Just under twice the length of the Hollywood Walk of Fame (6,864 feet).
  • A little under twice the length of New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge (5,808 feet).

Now, let’s look at the entire Zoom Drain footprint! While we’re bringing on new technicians every day, a careful calculation shows we currently have somewhere around 110. A little simple math shows that 110 technicians, covering an average of 400 feet of pipe a day, equals 44,000 feet.

  • How Many Feet Does Zoom Drain Cover In A Single Day?Approximately 140 times the height of Big Ben (315 feet) in London.
  • Almost one and a half times as tall as Mount Everest (29,032 feet).
  • Almost three trips around Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s track (13,200 feet).
  • Twice as long as the famous Las Vegas Strip (22,176 feet).

All of that is just in one day – imagine just how much we did all of last year! If McDonald’s touts “millions served,” it’s safe to say that Zoom Drain has snaked hundreds of millions of feet since its inception in 1995, when it started out as a small company with a few techs and trucks. Who knows where the future could take us, but we fully expect it’ll be millions more feet of drains.

If you’re having drain issues, we’ll come out and take a look for free and prove to you why we’ve been trusted to check millions of feet of pipe – give us a call or schedule an appointment online.