How To Know When Sewer Pipe Relining May Be Better Than Conventional Sewer Line Repairs

How To Know When Sewer Pipe Relining May Be Better Than Conventional Sewer Line Repairs

Are You Spotting Signs of Major Drain Issues?

Maybe you noticed your sink draining more slowly than usual. Maybe your toilet overflowed. When drain cleaning chemicals and a plunger didn’t fix the problem, you made the call to bring in a professional and discovered that these seemingly minor issues were indicative of a much larger problem--you need to replace a pipe. Not just any pipe. Your main sewer line. Letting the problem go isn’t an option--these issues will continue to happen until your plumbing has ground to a complete halt.

You’re presented with the plan. Your contractor has to dig up the front yard, your garden gnomes, and precious cherry blossoms. Heavy equipment the size of large dinosaurs and excavators is no joke and can be scary when compared to the size of your beautiful home... But don’t kiss your landscaping and plans goodbye just yet.

You may have other options!

With Conventional Sewer Line Repairs, the entire path of the pipeline is uncovered, the existing pipe is removed, and a new sewer line is installed in its place. This is an invasive excavation that requires digging through the yard and sometimes even using a jackhammer to break through concrete, driveways, and flooring. Since major excavation is required, Conventional Pipe Replacement requires a greater amount of time to complete. Additionally, once the pipe has been installed, you may need to redo or replace landscaping or flooring that needed to be removed to install the new sewer pipe.

Don’t Start Digging Just Yet

Conventional sewer repairs or replacement are sometimes necessary. It can be cost-effective and with the right plans in place, completed extremely fast. But it is--indeed--only one option. New technology and strategies can save you not only time but also the costly endeavor of replacing or redesigning what lies above your main drain.

Zoom Pipe Relining uses a material made of epoxy and fiberglass that coats the interior of your existing pipe, sealing cracks and holes to reinforce the strength of the drain. Once the lining has dried, the seal is airtight--adding fifty years to the life of your pipe, many times in just a few hours. Even previously sectioned pipes become one smooth, section less path, resulting in far fewer opportunities for materials to catch onto the edges of each section, creating nasty clogs that you are trying to avoid in the first place. No excavation is necessary because you do not need to remove and replace the compromised pipe, which is a major time--and yard!--saver! Pipe relining is possible even when the drain is inaccessible (for example, behind cabinets or paneling) and only requires one point of access to install.

After the installation is complete, the only evidence you’ll see is your drain flow restored.

Zoom Drain and Sewer Service also offers a PowerPipe Trenchless Pipe Replacement solution. This method, also known as Pipe Bursting, breaks up the existing pipe while simultaneously installing a new Polyethylene pipe in its place. Unlike Conventional Pipe Replacement, only small entry and exit holes are required to access the pipe in need of replacement, earning this solution its “trenchless” title. The new Polyethylene pipe carries a 100-year lifespan, has a zero-leak rate, and is root--and even earthquake--resistant. PowerPipe Trenchless Pipe Replacement can be installed underneath concrete and slab foundations, meaning no intensive excavation is required.

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Find the Right Solution for Your Drains

In order to determine which solution is best for your drains, you’ll need to know the cause of the problem and make sure that your sewer line, though compromised, is as clean as possible. Why? Roots and stones pose threats to pipe relining, as the lining will flow around the materials before it hardens. Any stones or roots will make the internal shape of the pipe irregular and reduce its size which can cause more frequent and severe backups and clogs.

The fastest and easiest way to find out if Pipe Relining or PowerPipe Trenchless Pipe Replacement is right for you is through a quick video inspection from a licensed and insured sewer and drain company, like Zoom Drain!

Finding out that you need to replace a pipe can be stressful and even downright scary. It doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that you’ll need to overturn your life… or your yard! We utilize these technologies to provide effective alternatives to major excavation, meaning your vegetable garden, front yard, or cabinetry could be spared! If you’ve been told you need to replace a pipe, give us a call or book an appointment online and one of our drain experts will help you determine if Pipe Relining or Trenchless Pipe Replacement is right for you.