Zoom Drain Knoxville Now Open

Zoom Drain Knoxville Now Open

Zoom Drain Knoxville, owned and operated by the dynamic duo Lucas and Somer Zappe, is a testament to the power of combining diverse professional backgrounds to create a service that stands out in reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. This Zoom Drain location opened in May 2024.

Lucas, with a robust background as an operating room nurse for nearly 10 years, brings unparalleled problem-solving skills, teamwork, and emotional intelligence to the table. These qualities in the high-stakes environment of a hospital are transferable to the drain-cleaning industry. Lucas has experience that equips him to quickly troubleshoot issues, work cohesively with a team to achieve common goals, and communicate effectively in various situations. This skill set is invaluable in ensuring that Zoom Drain Knoxville provides top-notch service to its customers.

Somer complements this with her strong business management foundation and experience in the mortgage industry. Her understanding of business dynamics and customer service adds a critical layer to the operational excellence of Zoom Drain Knoxville. Together, Lucas and Somer make a formidable team, blending their skills to offer a service that is not only needed year-round but is also recession-resistant and based on the essential need for clean and functioning drains.

The decision to embark on this journey was not made lightly. After exploring various business opportunities on Bizbuysell, Lucas and Somer were drawn to Zoom Drain for its unique culture, the openness of its franchisees, and the tremendous growth opportunity it represented. They recognized the potential in joining a franchise at a sweet spot in its expansion trajectory – proven yet not oversaturated, with ample support for its franchisees.

Their move to Knoxville in March 2022 was driven by more than just business prospects. The Zappes were captivated by the city's natural beauty, from the access to mountain trails perfect for hiking to the serene lakes ideal for boating. Knoxville's vibrant downtown, offering safety and many options for enjoying an evening out, played a significant role in their relocation. As fitness enthusiasts and outdoors lovers, Lucas and Somer have embraced their new home, enjoying everything from lake days and pool visits in the summer to weightlifting at the gym. With the recent arrival of their baby girl, Everett, they are excited to explore new hobbies and activities that their growing family can enjoy together.

Zoom Drain Knoxville is more than just a business for the Zappes; it's a culmination of their professional paths, personal passions, and the desire to provide a service that meets a fundamental need in their community. They are committed to ensuring that every interaction with Zoom Drain Knoxville is marked by professionalism, efficiency, and understanding that can only come from leaders who genuinely care about their work and the people they serve.

As Zoom Drain Knoxville opens its doors, Lucas and Somer Zappe are ready to impact the Knoxville community significantly, offering reliable, efficient, and empathetic drain cleaning services. Their unique blend of skills and experiences promises to set a new standard in the industry, ensuring their customers can always count on them, no matter the challenge.

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