Drain Clearing Versus Drain Cleaning: One Small Letter Can Make A Significant Difference

Drain Clearing Versus Drain Cleaning: One Small Letter Can Make A Significant Difference

Drain systems are unsung superheroes, making it possible for us to keep our daily routine, while safeguarding us from the horrors of uncleanliness – and they do it all without any recognition. Sometimes, however, drains need a little support fighting villains, such as the dreaded clog!

There’s a variety of signs indicating your drains might be in trouble – like foul odors – and knowing the appropriate plan of attack can be important. First, you should probably ask yourself a few questions when it comes to your drains, to better understand when there’s an issue.

  • How old are my drains? Older drains are typically more likely to encounter problems.
  • How often have I had this problem? If it keeps recurring, it could be something larger.
  • What is the general condition of my drains? Monitor and look for any damage or blocks.

When Do I Need Drain Clearing?

The toilets won’t flush, the sinks won’t drain – plunging and over-the-counter drain cleaner isn’t cutting it.

You may be experiencing a slow flow or a total stoppage. It can happen at any time and sometimes seems to happen when you least expect it, at the absolute worst possible moment. Maybe it’s caused by a clumped-up piece of food, maybe it’s caused by a mass of waste or an unflushable item – that can be anything from wipes to sanitary products to even children’s toys. Finding a small toy nestled snugly in a drain happens a lot more than you might think.

What this situation calls for is a drain clearing. Drain clearing serves as the first response when all signs show some sort of significant blockage in your drain lines. It clears and solely releases the clog. A technician inserts a snake – a motorized cable tool with a spinning head to break up clogs – that will unblock anything standing in its path and, when it does, waterflow will return.Clearing Versus Cleaning: One Small Letter Can Make A Significant Difference

Now that all of that debris has been cleared out, you might think your drain is back to normal but any build-up around the inner perimeter of the pipe will remain. When the clog is broken apart, the particles can remain in the pipe and that could lead to another significant clog in the future.

Eliminating all of those particles and any buildup along the walls calls for a different solution.

When Do I Need Drain Cleaning?

If you’re calling a drain and sewer professional to snake your pipes regularly, with clog after clog, the chances are that you might need a drain cleaning. A drain cleaning fully flushes out drain pipes and helps flush out build-up that has accumulated throughout the years – and it calls for a water jet. Blasting water down the drain will leave your drain pipes looking immaculate. Consider it pressure washing the inside of your sewer!

Water jetting is the most effective way to break up a clog and to help against future clogs, since build ups take a significant amount of time to collect. A special hose and nozzle pushes out pressurized water that penetrates pipes and eliminates tough things like grease and tree roots, while flushing out any other problem-causing objects or substances. Our trucks are equipped with patented ZOOM Jetting® systems and water on the truck, to quickly wash anything away.

As you can see, these two words might look very similar but each serves a specific purpose in helping your drains work their best, whether it’s a severe clog or a slow buildup. Both should be performed by a professional and are the only true ways to getting your drains emptied out.

Are you unsure of the current state of your drains and whether you might need a drain clearing or a drain cleaning? That’s not a problem. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment online and we’ll send one of our expert technicians to your door to assess your drain – free of charge.