My Child Flushed A Toy Down The Toilet, How Do I Remove It?

My Child Flushed A Toy Down The Toilet, How Do I Remove It?

There’s just something fascinating about a toilet, especially when you’re young. Maybe it’s because there’s a random pool of water in your house or maybe it’s because when something goes in it and you press a button, it all magically disappears. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon for small children to throw their favorite toy in there and just watch it disappear.

But, while it might have gone down the toilet, that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever – in fact, we often find wastewater backups that are a direct result of some sort of toy. It could be just stuck in the toilet or it could’ve actually moved further down the line, to your pipe. Sometimes there’s no way of knowing exactly where it’s located, so it might not be the best idea to tackle this problem yourself but if it is stuck just within reach, how exactly can you remove this potential problem?

What If I Can See Some Of The Toy?

Depending on the size, some of it might be visible after a flush or two. If any portion is visible – smaller toys typically won’t get fully lodged in your toilet’s drain – throw on gloves, reach in there and gently attempt to pull it out. It’s always a smart decision to wear gloves before putting your hand into the toilet, because of what goes in there regularly and the bacteria it carries. If you can’t see it but know there’s a toy hiding, within reach, here’s the best DIY plan of action.

It’s Probably Best Not To Use A Plunger!

My Child Flushed A Toy Down The Toilet, How Do I Remove It?Plungers are the perfect tool when it comes to attempting to break up a minor clog, with the ability to often help assist waste, toilet paper and other debris that didn’t fully exit your toilet bowl. However, when it comes to a toy getting flushed and being stuck in there, it’s probably best to avoid the plunger. Using a plunger runs the risk of pushing the toy even further down the drain, which can lead to a more substantial backup or even cause significant damage to pipes.

Should I Jam A Fish Hook Or Wire Hanger In There?

Sometimes, a hard object just needs a little rustling to break free and make its way back into the toilet. You can try using a fish hook or even bending a wire coat hanger to get it out. Be very careful when using these sharp makeshift tools because they can scratch the porcelain of your toilet, leaving ugly black marks and scraps, so try not to touch the side upon insertion. And don’t root around in there too long, if you aren't moving anything it’s best to find another technique.

A Shop Vacuum Might Just Be The Best Potential Solution!

Perhaps your best DIY option for removing a toy stuck in your toilet is a shop vacuum. It will not only suck the water out of the bowl but it could potentially suck the toy out of the toilet. Don’t worry about potential damage, once you’re finished using the shop vac, just flush the toilet and all of the water will return to the bowl, ready for the next usage – if the toy actually comes out!

No Luck? It’s Probably Time To Call A Professional!

So, you’ve tried everything on this list and that action figure or Hot Wheels car is still lodged in there? Calling a professional is always your best case scenario when it comes to something stuck in your toilet, drains or sewer lines, just to be certain all of the pieces have been properly removed and that there’s no lingering damage. The easiest way to get to a flushed toy is by simply removing the toilet from the floor – and that’s always best left to the professionals.

If your child was a little too curious around the toilet and flushed something down there, we’re here to help. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online at your nearest location today!