Warning Signs: How Can I Tell If There's A Clog In My Home’s Drains?

Warning Signs: How Can I Tell If There's A Clog In My Home’s Drains?

Customers are often amazed when we show them the video evidence of what’s sitting inside their drainage lines – and even more surprised at the massive clogs we pull out, admitting that they had no clue what was hiding in their line. If it’s not an emergency backup, it’s something many of us don’t concern ourselves with, figuring if it’s out of sight then it’s typically out of mind.

But just because most of our drain and sewer lines are below ground or simply not visible to the naked eye, doesn’t mean they don’t produce warning signs when under duress. If you stay attentive and proactive to your system and know the signs, it can go a long way in avoiding messy backups, pricey cleanups and costly future repairs – but how can you spot these signs?

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Clog In My Drain Lines?

Your wastewater pipes will tip their hand that there could be a clog hiding inside by draining slowly, causing loud gurgling noises and embarrassing smells, bringing about drain flies or creating pools of water and patches of luscious grass throughout the outside of your property.

Much like other systems, or even appliances, in your home, your drains will let you know when there’s trouble brewing – doing so in a number of different ways. Here are just some of the warning signs that you might have a clog in your drain and that trouble could be on the horizon:

  • Lines Are Draining Slowly: Slow drains might be the easiest warning sign to notice and it’s pretty self-explanatory. If there’s something in your line, either a soft clog caused by toilet paper and so-called flushable wipes or a hard clog like tree roots or perhaps something that fell down the drain, the pipe will be partially-to-fully blocked and your wastewater will take considerably longer to exit your sink, shower, wherever! Don’t put off slow drains, solve the problem now before it becomes a much larger emergency.
  • Loud Gurgling Coming From Drains: Gurgling occurs when something is preventing wastewater or air from flowing through your drains, creating an air bubble that leads to that worrisome noise. The pipe could be fully-blocked or it could just be partially blocked – the result of buildup on the pipe’s wall. Either way, if you hear consistent noises when using the drain, or when using multiple drains at once, it’s time to call the professionals.
  • Embarrassing Smells Coming From Drains: If your drains aren’t properly maintained, then they might begin to release unpleasant odors, often smelling like rotten eggs. These smells are usually a direct result of a blockage or buildup in the line, allowing for odor-causing bacteria to feed on the debris that’s nesting in your pipes, producing the terrible-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas. It could also be mold, which likes warm, wet areas. No matter what’s creating that smell, your drains are begging for a cleaning.
  • Warning Signs: How Can I Tell If There's A Clog In My Home’s Drains?Water Pooling Around The Outside Of Your Property: When a clog is slowing down your lines, there’s a good chance that wastewater is finding other ways to exit the pipe. Let’s face it, that wastewater has to go somewhere and occasionally it’ll end up around the outside of your home, creating an unpleasant smell, significant pooling and even extremely lush patches of grass. Getting help from professionals is key here because there could be other significant problems, specifically small cracks or holes in the pipe.
  • Unwanted Pests Either Inside Or Outside: Insects like drain flies, also referred to as moth flies or sink flies, thrive in wet areas with stagnant water and bacteria. Your clogged pipes are the perfect spot for these pests to move in and lay eggs – and more bugs can lead to potentially even bigger pests outside, looking for a snack. Sure, drain flies are not dangerous but they’re annoying and could be a tip-off that your lines have problems.

Have you been experiencing one or more of these warning signs? Don’t wait and hope the problem will resolve itself! Instead, call or schedule an appointment online with the experts at Zoom Drain. We’ll inspect your lines and get your drainage system clean and flowing its best, so you no longer have to worry about sluggish drains, pooling water or even annoying insects.