Habits That "Back Us Up"

Habits That "Back Us Up"

Drains are the silent heroes of our modern way of living. We don’t usually pay them much attention... until they’re not working. Drains don’t stop flowing for no reason, though, and you may be unknowingly causing your next backup with these seemingly innocuous actions. Avoid these six sinister drain-clogging culprits:

  1. Hair in the drains! The only thing grosser than the hair on your shower walls is a clump of hair clogging your shower drain. Even if you manage to clear the shower or tub stopper, hair that has been rinsed down the drain can still tangle easily and cause major blockages.

  2. Flushing your wipes! If it is not toilet paper or waste, it should never be flushed. Ignore fancy marketing ploys from companies claiming that their wipes are flushable—they only mean that the material is physically capable of being flushed, not that it is harmless to your drain. If we use their logic, most small children’s toys would be considered flushable—and you already know that’s not true!

  3. Overusing your garbage disposal! Garbage disposals offer such convenience, as they safely rid the kitchen of food items that could otherwise cause odors and attract ants if put in the trash can. Your garbage disposal is not an Olympic athlete, though! Fibrous foods like celery, banana peels, and onions can wear down the motor and get caught in the disposal’s blades. Even eggshells can cause these issues. Put these in a compost pile or simply toss them out instead.

  4. Grease lightning? NOT. Pouring hot grease in your sink is a surefire way to cause a drain clog. Once that hot grease cools, it will solidify, resulting in a blob of fat that cannot be dissolved with water.

  5. Too many chemicals! These drain cleaning products seem tempting at first because they may be inexpensive, simple to use, or enable you to solve the drain problem on your own... They can cause far more damage than they clear, though, because harsh chemicals can damage your drains from the inside - deteriorating the walls of the piping leading to bigger issues.

  6. Ignoring your drains! Whether it’s a slow drain, a funky smell, or an occasional drip, these warning signs can seem like mere inconveniences. These are signals that your drains are crying out for help! If you don’t address them, you’re likely headed to a plumbing backup.

If this list gave you pause about how you’re treating your drains, fear not! Keeping your drains healthy can be as simple as adding a few habits to your daily and weekly cleaning routines.

Also, please know that drains can clog even when you’re doing everything right. Things happen—such as mineral deposits over time or root invasion—so a sewer issue does not necessarily mean that you’ve done something to harm your drain. If you suspect a drain issue, a video inspection can pinpoint the problem and set you back on the path to healthy drains. And, if you have a sewer problem, our drain specialists are on-call and can help you with just a few clicks or one quick phone call.