Several Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Zoom Drain's Trucks

Several Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Zoom Drain's Trucks

Have you seen our trucks cruising around your community – pretty snazzy, right? If you’re like many people we see on a daily basis, you probably want to snap a shot of our trucks in the wild.

Zoom Drain’s trucks, which are Isuzu cabs with Hackney bodies, or the brand new Ford Transit vans, might be aesthetically pleasing but there’s much more to them than that. A company is only as reliable as their vehicles and in our line of work, reliability is vital. In order to provide premier drain and sewage maintenance, we need a vehicle that can not only haul lots of gear but that has the ability to conquer any terrain or weather it might face. But there is so much more than just reliability, so here’s seven things you might not know about Zoom Drain’s trucks.

1: It Is Equipped With Five Drain Cleaning Machines

We don’t show up empty-handed, instead we always have the right tools to handle any drain we encounter, no matter the length or size. That’s why every truck is equipped with three drain snake machines, to tackle any size drain line, along with both a sectional cable and a water jet.

Snakes are used for unclogging, the sectional cable machine allows us to hook up to a drill against tough roots and the mounted water jet will pressure out whatever might be backed up.

2: You Don’t Need A Commercial Driver’s License To Operate It

It might look large but a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is not required to drive a Zoom Drain truck. Getting a CDL can typically take anywhere from two to four months, though it only applies to vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds. There are other qualifications like number of passengers and towing capabilities that don’t pertain to us.

Several Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Zoom Drain's Trucks3: It Handles A Lot Of Jobs – And Just As Many Miles

A single truck can handle about 20 opportunities every week. That accumulates quickly! With so many jobs, our trucks have to motor all around town – and beyond. In doing so, they rack up a ton of miles, about 20,000 every year. We anticipate that a truck will last roughly five years, it could be a little longer depending on if it’s in good condition or paid off. Most of the trucks are gone within seven or eight years at the latest and don’t typically have much more than 150,000 miles. It’s basically a rolling office for our technicians throughout their work week.

4: It Can Hold About Five Bathtubs Worth Of Water

Since we specialize in water jetting, our trucks need to be able to carry a substantial amount of water. Each of our trucks holds roughly 200 gallons of water, which is enough to fill about five bathtubs, since the average bath consists of about 40 gallons of water. That water gets changed out every day in the winter time, so it doesn’t freeze. We then cycle antifreeze through the machine’s pipes after the water is dumped. In the summertime, water can remain in the truck.

5: It Weighs Almost As Much As An African Elephant

With all of that water and equipment, our trucks can get pretty heavy. In fact, every truck weighs just under 13,000 pounds when it’s completely full of both tools and water. The Isuzus are built for weight and able to handle that on a routine basis without any major problems. To put that amount into perspective, an adult male African Elephant can weigh as much as 14,000 pounds!

6: It Gets Thoroughly Cleaned, Inside And Out, Regularly

We have quite the noticeable truck and while our primary focus is functionality – and making sure we solve any drain problem that comes our way – it’s also about looks. It’s important that we always look presentable and the same goes for our trucks! Every truck is cleaned, both inside and out, routinely – scrubbed, washed and straightened up. It might not be the most important job for our technicians but first appearances are everything – even with our trucks.

7: It’s Been Voted The Best-Looking Plumbing Truck

Several Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Zoom Drain's Trucks

We’re not the only ones who think our trucks look awesome. In 2017, they won Best-Looking Plumbing Contractor Truck as voted on by the folks at Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine. “Zoom won me by having such clean graphics and vibrant colors,” said Plumbing & Mechanical columnist Dan Holohan at the time. “Their message is easy to grasp and their phone number and website tie in beautifully with the name. Easy to remember and very effective.”

Keep an eye out for one of our trucks in your area and if you have any drain issues give us a call or schedule an appointment online and we will be there quickly to solve your problems.