10 Drain And Sewer Jokes To Ease The Stress Of Your Clog

10 Drain And Sewer Jokes To Ease The Stress Of Your Clog

Here at Zoom Drain, we take drain and sewer service seriously. We know that when you call one of our locations, you’re probably stressed and just want the problem fixed – and we don’t blame you! We’ve all been in your position, scrambling to find help, and nothing about it is fun.

Our conversation around the office, on the other hand, isn’t always quite as serious. Instead, we like to keep things on the lighter side and we’re always laughing about something. That includes a good drain and sewer joke, the cheesier the better. We thought we’d share a bunch of our favorites, in the hopes they will bring a smile to your face when dealing with the stress of a clog.

1: A duck fell into the sewer system the other day...

It was pretty fowl-smelling.

2: Why was the plumber tired after work?

Because the work had been too draining!10 Drain And Sewer Jokes To Ease The Stress Of Your Clog

3: I used to be a plumber, but now I’m a missionary…

I bless the drains down in Africa.

4: What is the one bad habit that a plumber will never have?

He will never ever bite his nails!

5: What does a plumber say to the toilet after using it?

He says, "See you at work, buddy!"

6: What do you call when all the plumbers come together to have an impromptu dance?

You call it the flush mob!

7: Why did Dory warn Nemo about escaping through the toilet?

Because it was a sewer side mission!

8: What was the reason for the shoe showroom calling the plumber?

They had found a clog in their drain!

9: Why did the plumber visit the restroom?

Because his doody calls!

10: Why are plumbers great at poker?

They often get a flush!

Clogs aren’t a laughing matter – and Zoom Drain is here to help! If you’re having troubles with your drain or sewer, give us a call or schedule an appointment online and we’ll arrive with everything to quickly take care of your problem. We’ll even assess the dilemma free of charge.