Six Drain Issues That Require a Professional Drain And Sewer Company

Six Drain Issues That Require a Professional Drain And Sewer Company

We use a lot of water – about 100 to 120 gallons for the average household on a normal day.

That’s a lot of liquid moving through your pipes and, over time, problems can arise. Sometimes, those issues are nothing more than a simple fix, requiring maybe just some liquid drain cleaner. Other times, it could be something much more serious – but how do you know? Putting off something that could be a painless fix today could lead to a serious financial commitment later.

Knowing when to call a drain and sewer expert can be vital to your home’s well-being, so here are six drain issues where you should contact a professional drain and sewer company.

Foul Odor

If your home’s drains are releasing a funky odor, it might mean there’s a serious problem. Chances are, some pollutants, like wastewater, are currently sitting in your drain and creating an offensive smell. It will require a visit and inspection from a professional who will not only be able to diagnose the situation but provide a solution to rid the odor and get your drains cleaned. It could be as simple as a drain cleaning but it could also be as major as broken sewer pipes.

Recurring Clogs

When clogs happen with frequency, it usually means you weren’t able to completely clear the drains the first time. Soap and hair cause common drains to clog all the time and when a clog returns after you’ve cleared it by going the DIY or drain cleaner route, it means it’s time to call a professional, since they have the proper tools and equipment to ensure that the entire drain is fully clear, so there’s not another issue in the near future. If you keep pouring costly chemicals down the drain, those frequent clogs could get worse – and you’ll have a serious problem.

Gurgling Sounds From Drains

Drains should be quiet, not sound like a rock concert coming from your sink. There really should be no sound coming from them, other than running water and the occasional gurgle when the bathtub empties. If there’s consistent sounds coming from the sink, shower or toilet, it could very well mean that your house has a clogged sewer line. If there’s something in the pipe, it could be slowing down the water flow, producing air bubbles and blocking the plumbing vent, which works much like how a bottle releases a “glug glug” sound, putting air behind the water flow.

Bugs And Rodents

Six Drain Issues That Require a Professional Drain And Sewer CompanyWaste can be a breeding ground for pests and wastewater is no different. Insects can be a real problem, since many feed off of the nutrients in sewage, and then rodents will feed off the abundance of insects and your home becomes an integral part of the local food chain. Don’t hesitate calling a professional here because if left untreated it could lead to a home infestation and then you might actually need to contact more than just a drain and sewer expert.

Slow Moving Drains

There are a variety of contributing factors that can lead to slow moving drains. It might be a developing clog, it could be improper grading of the draining system or even minerals and grease causing the pipes to narrow. It’s best to call out a professional at the first signs of a slow drain, so that the source of the problem can be identified. If you’re proactive early on, then you can get your drains flowing perfectly before it potentially escalates into a major headache, like a broken pipe. You’re probably noticing a trend – it’s always better to stay ahead of major issues!

Multiple Clogged Drains

If your sink, toilet and bathtub are experiencing clogs simultaneously, seek out an expert! If there’s more than one clog at the same time, it could very well indicate a problem somewhere in your main drain, as opposed to an individual fixture like just the sink, for example. If it’s an issue with the main drain, you won’t be able to repair the clog on your own and you’ll need a pro.

If you’re currently experiencing any of these drain symptoms, you’re in need of a drain professional, so give us a call or schedule an appointment online and we will be there quickly to solve your problems – day or night. And there’s no charge for us to assess the situation!