Now Open: Get To Know The Owner Of Zoom Drain Lexington!

Now Open: Get To Know The Owner Of Zoom Drain Lexington!

Zoom Drain of Lexington is proudly owned and operated by Tyler Logsdon, a native Kentuckian who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and Business from Asbury University.

For the last decade-plus, Tyler has been instrumental in developing his family’s floor care and janitorial company, which his father began back in 1993. While joining the family business might not have been his initial passion, instead eyeing a career in sports operations, it was there Tyler discovered an affection for management and running their day-to-day operations. On top of that, it kept Tyler close to Lexington, an area he’d always called home – and loved.

Now Open: Get To Know The Owner Of Zoom Drain Lexington!“Lexington has a small town feel,” explains Logsdon. “Partly because you can take one road and you’re out in a rural area in about 10 minutes. It’s got that southern warmth and the people are hospitable and nice – it’s the everyone-knows-everyone town and just a beautiful area."

Taking the skills he gained with the family business, Tyler also began to flip houses and, during that process, learned a trade – starting first with plumbing and continuing on to electrical. It helped fuel a desire for a more hands-on approach, specifically in the trades. Ultimately, it led Tyler to focus on serial entrepreneurship, to continue to grow his footprint. It was then, thanks to his wife Kelsey, Tyler sought out franchising in the home service industry – and found the perfect fit with Zoom Drain, as it aligned with the services of his current business.

“Establishing a brand means offering a quality service and hiring quality people for quality jobs,” added Logsdon. “We offer a premium service and we’re proud of the fully-stocked vehicles, and the well-dressed, well-spoken expert technicians, that we send to your door. People don’t know they need drain and sewer service until they need it. Offering that safety line to that person is important. Helping people, solving problems, offering good jobs – that’s what we’re all about!”

We serve communities around Lexington: Richmond, Georgetown, Nicholasville and beyond.