What Do Acid-Based Drain Cleaning Products Like Drano Actually Do?

What Do Acid-Based Drain Cleaning Products Like Drano Actually Do?

No one likes a slow-draining or backed up sink! When that happens, the first thing we’re inclined to do is reach for the Drano, or other acid-based drain cleaners. If you’ve got a problem, there’s safe home remedies that you can try on your drain before taking the next step to ridding yourself of this problem. More often than not, whatever you pour down the drain won’t completely solve the backup, so before you dump Drano or any other store-bought products, you should probably understand their capabilities and all of the potential repercussions if they don’t work as intended.

Drano Is Highly Corrosive When Unable To Remove A Clog

While it might be able to provide a temporary solution, if Drano doesn’t remove the clog it will sit in your line and, over a short period of time, can actually begin to eat away at your pipes.

Drain cleaning products such as Drano are lye-based, meaning they feature metal hydroxide along with other chemicals that, when poured down your drain, are supposed to dissolve and decompose whatever might be causing the blockage. Basically, It forms a bubbly substance that eats away at the clog, in the hopes of opening up your line for wastewater to flow through again.

What Do Acid-Based Drain Cleaning Products Like Drano Actually Do?These products can sometimes provide a temporary solution, though chances are they won’t remove everything and any remaining buildup left behind will only further create a problem. If you’re noticing repeated clogs, especially one after using Drano just once, do not continue to pour it down your sink because it’s probably a more severe problem that needs expert help. But there’s an adverse effect to pouring these chemicals down and hoping for the best. If it is unable to remove the clog or buildup, it will just sit in the line right in front of the blockage. Over a short period of time, this highly corrosive liquid will actually begin to eat away at your pipe, creating a much worse problem in the future, one that could potentially then require pipe replacement.

Not only is it harmful to your pipes, it’s also harmful to you and the person working on your drains. If Drano is sitting in the pipe, specifically when several doses have been poured, and the sink begins to backup, that chemical-based liquid will mix in with water and all over your sink. Since it's chemical-based, Drano is hazardous and, in some instances, will cause chemical burns if you either place your hands in the sink or attempt to take apart the drain pipe yourself.

Acid-Based Drain Products Are Bad For The Environment

Drano can be harmful to plants and animals it comes into contact with in the sewer, can contaminate local water supply or even soak up in your property if there’s a crack in your pipe.

If Drano has helped eliminate much of the blockage, it still has to go somewhere. When there’s an unforeseen crack later down your sewer line, it could wind up soaking into your property or it can be harmful to any of the plants and animals it comes into contact with on its way through the municipal sewer system. Not to mention, it could wind up contaminating the local water supply.

What Are Other Options When It Comes To Clog Removal?

Don’t tamper with your drain, instead trust the professionals with the right tools for the job. Typically, a simple inspection and water jetting will eliminate all of the blockage and buildup.

Whether you're dealing with a recurring clog or just wondering if it’s even worth it to dump these chemicals down your drain, skip the drain cleaning products and trust the experts. A video sewer inspection and water jetting service – blasting high-pressure water through your line to get rid of clogs and buildup – will leave your wastewater pipes looking spotless and working their best again. Unlike Drano, water jetting will clear everything without damaging your pipe.

Trust Zoom Drain, the drain and sewer specialists, to get your wastewater flowing again. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online at your nearest location today! We can even provide you with our ZoomBio, a safe alternative to acid-based liquid drain cleaners. It’ll help keep any buildup from forming after we’ve serviced your lines, by naturally dissolving hair, grease, soap, hair and more. Think of it as a probiotic for your drains, to avoid harmful cleaning products.