Zoom Drain Broward County Now Open

Zoom Drain Broward County Now Open

Opened on March 5, 2024, Zoom Drain Broward County represents a significant addition to South Florida’s local service industry landscape. Owned and operated by Samantha Salomon and Facundo Scialpi, these entrepreneurs bring a wealth of diverse professional backgrounds and a shared commitment to community service.

Samantha Salomon and Facundo Scialpi's journey to entrepreneurship is underpinned by their rich cultural heritage and robust educational qualifications. Facundo, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, boasts a bachelor’s in business management and a Juris Doctorate, bringing a comprehensive understanding of business operations and legal intricacies to the venture. Samantha, hailing from Valencia, Venezuela, complements this with her bachelor’s in fine arts and a master’s in marketing, offering creative insights and strategic marketing expertise.

Their professional experiences, though varied, converge on the skills essential for running a successful service-oriented business. Facundo’s background in sales, management, and law and ownership of several small companies equips him with a nuanced understanding of client relations and business strategy. Samantha’s tenure in construction management and customer success roles has honed her project management skills and client service orientation, providing a solid foundation for their joint venture.

The decision to establish Zoom Drain Broward County was motivated by a recognized need for skilled tradespeople in the community, the recession-proof nature of plumbing services, and the importance of sanitation to public health. This franchise opportunity was identified as an optimal entry into the service industry, promising community impact and business resilience.

Central to the ethos of Zoom Drain Broward County is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Guided by the principle that clients are the most crucial aspect of the business, Samantha and Facundo emphasize a service model that prioritizes customer needs, ensuring quality and reliability in every interaction.

Having resided in South Florida for more than 12 years, the founders have deep ties to the community. This venture is a business initiative and a means of contributing positively to the region that has supported its growth and aspirations. Their approach is rooted in a genuine desire to give back and enhance the local service industry.

Beyond their professional pursuits, Samantha and Facundo are dedicated to their family and personal interests, which include sports, literature, and art. Their engagement with the community extends beyond business, encompassing a holistic involvement with the cultural and social fabric of South Florida.

Zoom Drain Broward County is poised to be a pivotal addition to the local economy, bringing professional, reliable plumbing services to the community. The venture, led by Samantha Salomon and Facundo Scialpi, reflects a fusion of diverse experiences, a commitment to customer service, and a deep-rooted connection to the South Florida community. As the opening date approaches, Zoom Drain Broward County stands ready to set a new standard for service excellence and community engagement in the plumbing industry.

For more information on Zoom Drain Broward County, please visit zoomdrain.com/broward.