Do Bargain Brand Drain Snakes And Augers Really Work?

Do Bargain Brand Drain Snakes And Augers Really Work?

When you’ve helped as many homes and businesses as we have, you start to realize that people will try just about anything to avoid calling the experts. It could be trying cheaper remedies like dumping a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, flushing rock salt in the hopes of killing tree roots or even pouring down harmful chemical-based liquid drain cleaners.

There’s a lot of so-called solutions out there and some are nothing more than viral nonsense while others are simply cheap alternatives to trusting the experts. Sometimes they can work in a pinch, for the short-term, but sometimes they can cause even more damage to your wastewater lines. One short cut people often take is placing their trust in a bargain brand drain snakes or augers, but can those products really clear your line and get everything flowing once again?

What Exactly Are Drain Snakes And Augers?

Before using these tools, it’s best to understand their specific purpose. A plumber’s snake, or drain snake, is a slender metal cord that spins to break up a clog while an auger is a manual crank that features a closed-spear tip to push against the clog and push it towards the sewer.

If you’re not familiar with these tools, it’s best to understand their purpose before attempting to eliminate whatever is causing your line to be sluggish. A plumber’s snake, which is also known as drain snake, is a slender wire used to dislodge clogs. It has a metal piece on the head which rotates quickly, spinning and breaking apart debris. Typically, these bargain brand versions will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 and run at about 200 revolutions per minute.

Do Bargain Brand Drain Snakes And Augers Really Work?An auger is similar to a drain snake. It usually features a closed-spear tip attached to a wire that pushes through the clog, in the hopes of breaking it up and sending it towards the sewer. This quick-fix tool typically costs somewhere in the ballpark of $10-$20, depending on the brand.

There’s one other tool we see a lot on the discount rack: the drain clog removing tool. It might have a generic name but this foot-long long piece of plastic contains spikes on the sides and a small handle on top. It’s used by sticking it down the drain entrance of the sink, shower, bathtub or wherever and then pulling it back out, in the hopes that the spikes grab the hair in the line. If there’s a hair-based clog in the p-trap, this can go a long way towards pulling out the majority of the hair that’s sitting near the drain opening, though it definitely won’t grab all of the debris – especially if there’s gunk and grime buildup, which will lead to another blockage in the future.

Will A Cheap Drain Snakes And Augers Clear My Drain?

Like any product of this kind, results will vary. These tools can help loosen and remove a portion of a clog but it could return at the first sign of more debris or buildup – or the tool itself could even get stuck! For the best results, schedule an expert water jetter drain cleaning service.

When purchasing any products of this type, especially on the internet, it’s best to read the reviews to get a general idea of its capabilities. A lot of times the proof is in the pudding. And while a quick search might indicate a lot of five-star reviews for these drain snakes and augers, there’s a significant amount of one-star reviews with the same basic message – these tools are cheaply made, don’t work and, in some cases, require a plumber to remove after getting stuck.

Can these tools loose and remove a clog? Absolutely! But the likelihood of it removing the entire clog is virtually none. It might loosen or break up a portion of it, however the buildup on the pipe’s walls will still remain and so a blockage could form again quickly, as soon as more debris gets caught in the buildup. Another thing to consider is how far into the line the clog might be. There’s really no way to truly tell without a video drain inspection – and since these products only go about 25 feet, it’ll prove useless if the issue is sitting somewhere further down the line.

You need to ensure the entirety of the line is cleaned. For the best results, skip the cheap products and the bizarre viral trends and just call the experts! With all of the tools and equipment, Zoom Drain can quickly and efficiently get your lines flowing their best again – no matter what is in your line or where it’s located. Call or schedule an appointment online today.