What To Do If You Flush Something Important Down The Toilet

What To Do If You Flush Something Important Down The Toilet

Most of us have been there at one time or another: you go to flush the toilet and accidentally knock something small into the bowl and watch it swirl away with the rest of your wastewater. Or, maybe, you have curious children and have heard the dreaded, “I flushed my toy down the toilet!” It happens – that’s why they’re called accidents. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

No matter what goes down the drain, if it’s not toilet paper or wastewater, it could lead to a problem, getting stuck somewhere in the line and eventually leading to a clog and a backup. But just because it’s heading into your drainage system doesn’t typically mean it’s lost forever.

How Can I Retrieve Something That Got Flushed?

If you can still see it, grab some gloves and gently try to remove it. If you can no longer see it, try using a plunger or a wire coat hanger – but be careful, the hanger could leave scratches.

What To Do If You Flush Something Important Down The ToiletWhen something accidentally goes down the toilet drain, it’s often easier to obtain than you might think. Some items aren’t able to fit down your wastewater pipes, so they’ll get stuck in the entranceway. If you can still see the object, throw on a pair of gloves and go after it – remember, you’re still dealing with human waste! Once you’re gloved up, just try gently removing the item with your hands. If the item has passed completely through the entrance, but could be hiding right on the other side, it’s time to turn to some other tools, the first of which would be a plunger.

It’s important to use the plunger correctly. Make certain you have the correct type for the job, one specifically designed for toilets. Use gentle pressure to try and break it free from the clutches of your toilet. There’s no need to get too vigorous with it, otherwise you run the risk of lodging the item further. If it’s still stuck, grab a wire hanger and bend it into a small hook shape.

We should warn you that this tactic can be a little risky, given that it could lodge it further into the pipe or even scratch your toilet bowl. Once the end of your hanger is bent, move it along the top of the drain pipe and push down on the item gently. Insert the hook and move it around and dislodge the item – if it’s metal, you could try placing a strong magnet onto the hanger. Don’t use too much force, if you’re not having any luck using the gentle approach, stop using the hanger.

If that doesn’t work to get your flushed item back, it’s probably best to try a different tactic.

I’m Unable To Retrieve The Item, What Should I Do Now?

After attempting to grab the item with a plunger or wire hanger, it’s time to call the professionals.

If you’ve exhausted all of the previous methods, from the gloves to the wire hanger, it’s probably time to call the professionals to get your item. Taking any further action could only potentially damage your toilet or your pipes – and leaving it in there could lead to a backup. Professionals have the tools to easily, and quickly, spot exactly where the item might be located, thanks to a video sewer inspection that provides a real-time view of what’s happening in your drain pipes.

Have you accidentally flushed something important – but can’t see it? Don’t worry, if anyone will be able to recover it, it’s the experts at Zoom Drain! Call or schedule an appointment online today and we’ll help you find that flushed item and make sure everything is flowing its best.