Five Drain And Sewer Problems You Could Face This Springtime

Five Drain And Sewer Problems You Could Face This Springtime

As we move the clocks forward and transition into spring, it’s important to know just what this time of year could do to your home or business’ drainage system. While winter can bring frigid temperatures and a wealth of drain and sewer problems, as the calendar hits late March, it’s time to focus on the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the warm weather and a whole lot of rain.

April showers might bring May flowers but they can also lead to unexpected wastewater issues. All of that rain has to go somewhere, so are your drains ready to not only handle the wet season but also the growth that comes with springtime? If you want to be better prepared for the change of seasons this spring, here are five common drainage problems we see during this time of year.

Gutter Obstructions From The Elements

Spring brings new plant life, growing beautifully around your property. Some of that growth typically finds its way into your gutters. Things like twigs, leaves and other debris can buildup and become significant blockages, entering the downspout and leading to water damage.

These obstructions in gutter troughs force water to overflow from the sides, onto both your roof or down the side of your property. The longer this goes unattended, the more you could soon be dealing with water damage to your walls and ceiling, staining of your home’s exterior, mold issues and more – like erosion from standing water just sitting on hard surfaces like pavement.

Pipe Leaks As A Result Of Colder Weather

The winter months can wreak havoc on your pipes. Sometimes, you won’t see it until spring rolls around. As they freeze, pipe materials will shrink which can create cracks and, once the sun starts shining and the temperature rises again, the pipes will expand. New cracks will eventually get larger, allowing wastewater to escape from your line. Keep an eye out for water dripping from your lines inside or around your property and, if you notice it, address it immediately.

Five Drain And Sewer Problems You Could Face This SpringtimeLine Blockages Caused By New Growth

Beautiful growth above ground can lead to a whole lot of growth below ground. Developing tree and plant roots, leaving their dormant phase that lasts for the cold months, will begin to spread out and make a beeline for wastewater pipes, gravitating towards water in search of nutrients, while staying near the surface and entering through seams and clogging your line over time.

Not sure if you’ve got a tree root problem? There are a number of warning signs including odors outside, gurgling after drain usage, sinkholes and even strange landscape and tree health.

Poor Outdoor Draining From Excessive Rain

With all of the rain April is synonymous with, it's important to avoid water from pooling around the outside of your property. If not, you could quickly deal with sudden flooding, especially if you have a basement. The most common reasons for poor outdoor drainage include clogs or buildup, not just in your exterior pipes and gutters but in drains you have around your property. A lot of debris and gunk can build up over the winter and a quick cleanout can go a long way.

Sump Pump Issues As Things Thaw

It’s best to test your sump pump before one of its busiest times of the year. It can experience a wealth of problems during the winter, from debris and buildup to battery backup issues. Make sure it’s starting up and running properly and remove any debris that might be sitting around it. A simple inspection from the professionals could go a long way in saving a future headache.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems as the weather gets warmer, trust the experts at Zoom Drain to get every drain around your property flowing it’s best again. Call or schedule an appointment online today and make sure that the wet season isn’t a stressful season for you.