How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned And What Happens If They Aren't Cleaned?

How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned And What Happens If They Aren't Cleaned?

We see it all too often! You’ve been in your home for about five years or so without a single drain issue but then, seemingly out of the blue, your drains act sluggish. You put it off further and now you’re left with an emergency backup, which puts a significant dent in your wallet.

This probably could’ve been avoided. In fact, virtually all drain and sewer problems, ones that are caused by soft clogs and pesky buildup could be avoided with regular drain cleanings. A professional drain cleaning service consists of high-pressure water from a water jetter that blasts away anything sitting in your line – think of it as a power washer for your wastewater pipes. So, what constitutes regular drain cleanings and how can I avoid emergency backups?

How Often Should My Drains Be Cleaned By An Expert?

Even if you don’t see warning signs from your drains like embarrassing smells, loud gurgling or slow-draining, you should get your drains cleaned by an expert annually, at least once a year.

How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned And What Happens If They Aren't Cleaned?Even if it’s been several years and your drains have shown no signs of trouble – you know the ones, embarrassing smells, loud gurgling or slow-draining – there still could be an issue in the not too distant future. Think of the debris that goes down your drain daily – or even weekly.

All of that hair, grime, soap scum and food debris doesn’t always just flow through your line with ease, which is why it’s best to get your drains cleaned by an expert annually. You shouldn’t need it done any more than that – unless you’re a facility or business with unusually high usage.

What Happens If My Drains Aren’t Cleaned Annually?

The longer you let your drains go, the worse it’ll get. The end result will eventually be an emergency backup, caused by continued buildup that will ultimately lead to a clog.

When you don’t maintain your drains, the results are exactly what you’d think they’d be – and the longer you put it off, the worse it’ll get. Forgetting about your drains can result in severe buildup, leading to clogs or even a potential blockage that could damage your pipes or lead to health risks, becoming a feeding ground for bacteria – which can actually cause corrosion.

It’s much easier to plan a simple cleaning once a year than to replace your drain pipes.

What Are The Benefits To Regularly Scheduled Drain Cleanings?

Regular cleanings maintain the health of your drainage system – preventing clogs, eliminating terrible odors and increasing efficiency, all while actually saving you money in the long run.

The best way to ensure your drainage system flows its best, and to maintain its overall health, is to schedule drain cleanings annually – if not more, if there’s high-usage like a bustling business. So, what exactly are the benefits to annual drain cleanings – why do you need it that often?

  • Increased Efficiency: Getting your drains cleaned by an expert on a regular basis will increase efficiency, helping them last longer before potential repairs and replacements.
  • Prevents Clogs: Regular expert drain cleanings remove buildup from forming on the pipe’s walls, ultimately keeping clogs from forming so your pipes can continue to flow.
  • Eliminates Odors: Putting off drain cleaning can lead to odors but regularly scheduled water jetting can blast away anything inside of your line that might leave a funky smell.
  • Actually Saves Money: If you don’t invest in your drainage system, you’re potentially doomed to battle an emergency backup caused by a clog or excessive buildup.
Has it been longer than a year since your drains were inspected and cleaned by a professional, or maybe you just want to get on a yearly drain cleaning maintenance plan so that you never have to worry about your home or business’ system again? Zoom Drain can help take the worry out of your drains and sewers, automatically coming out and keeping your lines flowing their best! Call or schedule an appointment online – you’ll be glad you did and so will your wallet.