Outdoor Drainage Challenges That Can Severely Impact Commercial Properties

Outdoor Drainage Challenges That Can Severely Impact Commercial Properties

You might not give too much thought to the drainage system outside of your commercial property but it can impact your business. Water flows on the easiest path and collects when there’s nowhere to go, so being unprepared for heavy rain or massive snow storms can leave the outside of your business completely underwater – and wind up costing you significantly.

Excessive water can make visiting your business difficult for customers, tenants or anyone else and while smaller pools of water might not seem like a problem now, the more that continues to collect, the more problems your facility could soon face – from building corrosion to water damage to other major headaches. Understanding your property’s drainage and what it takes to ensure there isn’t a lake forming after a few inches of rain or snow can truly make a difference. Here are a few of the potential challenges that can keep your system from doing its job.

Clogged Drains, Downspouts And Gutters

Perhaps the biggest challenge is keeping drains, downspouts and gutters free of debris, allowing for water to flow correctly and also run off to the appropriate channels. Things like leaves, tree seedlings, pine needles, gunk and more can quickly gum up your drains. With nowhere for stormwater to runoff and travel, it can sit and become stagnant, ultimately leading to pooling – which can lead to property damage – and the potential for contamination. Keeping these lines clean is a simple fix, with routine maintenance, and can save you from future stress.

Outdoor Drainage Challenges That Can Severely Impact Commercial PropertiesLandscape Doesn’t Allow For Proper Water Flow

Obstructions like leaves and pine needles happen but things like flower beds and berms can also heavily influence the ways stormwater will travel through your property. While it might be the result of improper planning, sacrificing aesthetics for functionality, it can cause puddling and a failure to reach the proper drainage, such as the property’s french and trench drains.

Runoff From Surrounding Properties

Commercial properties are often located surrounded by other properties, which can lead to runoff. If surrounding lots don’t have proper drainage solutions in place, it can simply pile on to the problem. Now their problems have become greater amplified on your property. This is typically the worst if your property is downhill from another, as stormwater will find a way to end up at the bottom of the hill, especially without clean, or even properly placed, drains. This can quickly result in water damage in your building if not addressed, no matter if it’s your fault or not.

What Are Less Noticeable Results Of Poor Outside Drainage?

Of course, flooding can cause corrosion as well as building damage but there’s much more that can be a direct result of all that water – smaller problems that often fly under the radar. It doesn’t even take a massive amount of water, though, it can just be regular puddling that’s to blame. So, what are some warning signs toward knowing if you need to take action? Root rot and dead grass is one factor. Water is a plant's best friend but too much can cause tree roots to actually start rotting, while drowning grass and surrounding plants – there’s such a thing as too much.

And then there’s soil compaction, which is when the ground compresses and becomes more dense. This can happen in a saturated area without concrete that receives heavy foot traffic. Compaction actually reduces the ability for stormwater to drain further. It can even ruin the turf.

Arguably the most annoying result of poor drainage is mosquitos. When there’s water around, there’s a good chance – in warm weather or summer months – mosquitos aren’t far. Mosquitos breed in shallow standing water and will quickly become a nuisance around your property. Are you worried about the drainage around your commercial property and making sure you’re always ready for the next big storm? We can help make sure you’re never left dealing with excess water! Give us a call or schedule an appointment online at your nearest location today!