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Drain and Sewer Service

Zoom Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service, Inc. is a licensed contractor providing high quality, professional and innovative drain & sewer cleaning and repair services. Our goal is to deliver timely service to each of our customers and complete each project to the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. We serve Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding region, including all of Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County and Bucks County.

Professional & Experienced Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Our team of highly skilled plumbers and drain cleaning specialists are dedicated to providing you with superior results when it comes to solving your drain and sewer plumbing problems. We have established an excellent reputation in the industry for the type of service we provide to our customers. Our goal is to offer our customers prompt, courteous, effective and affordable service on every job we perform.

Drain Cleaning

We provide several drain and sewer cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. If you are experiencing clogging or backups in your plumbing systems, then you may need professional services to solve the problem. Our professionals utilize efficient and powerful methods to diagnose and unclog your drains fast. Find out more information on our website about ZoomPowerSnake, ZoomPowerClean and ZoomPowerCam.

Sewer Repair

We offer a convenient, fast and effective method for replacing broken or old underground pipes. ZoomPowerPipe is a service that installs brand new underground pipe in place of your existing old pipe without the need for trench excavation.

Drain Cleaner Products

We offer sewer and drain cleaning products that are effective at treating tree roots, grease and drain-line build-up. Whether you are facing clogged pipes associated with sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, main drains or any other area of your plumbing system, our products provide environmentally safe and effective results

Contact Zoom Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service, Inc.

For additional information about how we can solve your clogged drain and sewer problems or to schedule a service appointment, call us today at 1-800-Snake-It, or fill out our convenient Service Request Form.


You should be at the beach, or by the pool, or exploring your hometown during a staycation, but you’re not. Where are you? Waiting on a plumber because your drains are backed up. If you can hear yourself think over the air conditioner, ask yourself this question: are your drains beating the heat this year? […]


Do you pull out the cleaning supplies when your service provider has finished solving your drain problems? Are you ready to spend the rest of your day scrubbing? I mean, you took off work, so you might as well…not enjoy the rest of your day, right?  Ugh! I’ve heard it so many times: “Don’t they […]


School is finally over! It’s time for all the kids to let loose and have some summer fun! Unfortunately, this often involves household messes, including kid-caused drain problems. What can you do about it?  It’s all about prevention! We get so many calls from people whose children flush all sorts of things down the toilet, […]


You wake up to a drain emergency. You quickly prepare your famous lemon-mint-water, lay out fresh monogrammed hand-towels in the guest bathroom, and lock up your valuables. By the time your service provider arrives, the cookies will just be out of the oven and ready to indulge. This is totally normal, right?  Only if the […]

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