Drain and Sewer Services in Brookhaven

Importance of Regular Cleanings & Repairs for Drain Maintenance

Drains and sewers are a necessity to a clean home; but a backed-up drain can lead to smelly, raw sewage until the drain is fixed. And, the odors from an obstructed pipe can bring sewer flies. The risks are not worth putting off a drain inspection—call (516) 344-8632 today if you suspect drain or sewer problems. If you’re not already aware of the typical symptoms of a damaged or backed-up drain, click here to learn some of them.

Drain and Sewer Repair – A broken drain will result in odor, excess water waste and, in extreme cases, contaminated water supply. If you suspect a broken drain or sewer, don’t wait to catch an illness; schedule a service now.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning – Backed-up drains are a very common problem due to food, chemicals, or hair clogging the drain. In addition to the terrible smells, a clogged drain can lead to many more issues—if pressure builds and the pipes burst, you will end up paying even more to fix the problem. Let us take care of the clogged drain or sewer before it becomes a bigger problem.

Residential and Commercial Drain Services in Suffolk County, NY

Zoom Drain Long Island provides services for both residential and commercial buildings. We also have our own trademarked method called the ZOOM PowerPipe that allows us to repair underground pipes without digging a trench. Along with repairs, we provide quick drain cleaning and pump replacements. We also offer drain care products to maintain your drains before they reach the point of needing a full repair. Some of our products include grease control and RootX for tree root protection. If your problem is urgent, we are also available to provide emergency services.

For commercial buildings, we provide all our residential services—drain repairs and cleaning, plus pump replacements—as well as regular maintenance. Keeping drains clean and functioning is important for both employees and customers, because clogged and smelly drains may lead to less people in the building. We are available at any time of day and can come by your building on a regular basis to ensure everything works smoothly.


Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology and our professionals are experts in drain and sewer services. We strive to be fast, efficient and affordable; clogged drains are bad enough, so we make the repairing process as easy for you as possible.

Need a drain repaired or cleaned? Call (516) 344-8632 to talk with a Brookhaven drain technician, or schedule a service online.

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