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When drain lines back up, a normal routine can quickly come grinding to a halt. No one wants to deal with an unreliable plumbing system that prevents you from carrying on with your day.

Zoom Drain of New England provides professional drain repair and cleaning methods for home and business owners in Brunswick, Maine. We use the most cutting-edge technology and methods for clearing drains. Whether you need a routine drain cleaning, grease trap cleaning, sewer repair, or other drain or sewer service, we're the team to call! Many of our local clients call on us for emergency plumbing services such as a leaky pipe or drain cleaning service. We also offer sewer services including sewer pump repair and sump pump repair in Brunswick.

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Sewer Line Inspections

If you are experiencing a clog or a sewer problem but you cannot isolate the origin, our team provides sewer inspections using state-of-the-art video camera equipment. After positioning the camera into your sewer line, we will be able to ascertain the health of your sewer pipes and the location of any blockages through a live feed. This will allow us to diagnose any issues and give our professional recommendations for sewer repair.

A Zoom Drain technician holds a sewer inspection camera

Different Drain Repair Methods for Different Needs

Sewer pipes in Brunswick, even though they are designed to last, still have a finite lifespan. If our video inspection reveals that your pipes have issues, we can provide insight on the most effective repair to address the problem.

We Offer the Following Sewer Repairs Methods:

  • Traditional Excavation: For some people, traditional excavation is the best option. This involves digging a trench for the length of the pipe that needs replacement or repair.
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair: Thanks to modern technology, excavation is no longer the only option. Trenchless methods allow drain specialists to repair pipes without too much digging.
  • Zoom PowerPipe™: This is a trenchless repair commonly called "pipe bursting". Essentially, this method entails fitting a new pipe inside of your old sewer pipe causing the old pipe to burst.
  • Zoom Pipe Relining: For pipes that are in better condition but have pinholes or defects that do not require full replacement, pipe relining is a good option. This method involves relining old pipes with a fresh epoxy seal.

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What Drain Cleaning Methods Do We Use?

If we identify that you have a clog that needs to be eliminated, there are several different tools and procedures that can be implemented. As specialized drain cleaners in Brunswick, we know just what to use to provide the most effective, long-lasting results for your particular situation.

  • Hydrojet: This is also called water jetting. The procedures involves blasting clogs away with a high-pressure water jet. This method is best performed by professionals to prevent damaging your pipes.
  • Powersnake: Our snaking technique makes use of a long auger that mechanically cuts away at clogs until they are shredded up.
  • Enzymes: If you would like to invest in drain maintenance products, our team can supply eco-friendly enzymes that will slow down clog formation inside your sewer pipes.

Trust the Experts at Zoom Drain

When you need drain cleaning in Brunswick, Zoom Drain of New England is the name locals trust. Our technicians are background-checked, experienced, and extensively trained in our field. We are not general plumbers; we are drain and sewer specialists, and our drain technicians clean more drains in a year than most plumbers do in their entire career. Thanks to our extensive and specialized experience, our services are often far more cost-effective than those of a general plumber, too. We even run special offers and promotions from time to time to save you more money!

From homeowners dealing with chronic clogs to restaurant managers facing a full grease trap in need of pumping, residential and commercial clients know they can turn to us for fast, effective solutions. Want to hear directly from some of our happy customers? Check our Reviews page!

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