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Video Camera Sewer Inspection Services

When you need a professional to resolve your sewer problems quickly, our sewer inspection team provides you with solutions that are built to last. At Zoom Drain of New England, our sewer experts can complete a full sewer inspection on your property and find a solution that works with you and your busy schedule. Our team of expert plumbing, sewer, and drain technicians is dedicated to getting your plumbing system back to working order in no time!

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Our Inspection Services

When it comes to discovering how our plumbing experts can help get your system flowing freely again, our plumbers will perform routine inspections on your sewer lines. These simple inspections can help both you and our team learn exactly what issue your sewer is having.

Inspection methods are useful for diagnosing all kinds of issues with drains and sewer lines. Here are some of the Portland sewer inspection services we offer:

  • Drain Inspections – Our experts can perform full drain inspections and cleaning to ensure water flows freely back into your sewer system.
  • Camera Inspections – For all our inspections, our plumbers use portable cameras. These cameras give us a great view of your plumbing and sewer system.
  • Sewer Lateral Inspection – Our sewer lateral inspection will ensure that your property and sewer lines are within local and federal guidelines to protect oceans from excess sewage waste.
  • Sewer Scope – A sewer scope allows our experts to insert a video camera into your sewer lateral to fully ensure compliance and no issues are occurring or on the rise.

After our initial inspection via camera, our team will gain a full understanding of the issues your system may be facing. Our Portland drain specialists will be able to use their extensive knowledge and experience to create a packaged solution that will get your home’s plumbing system operating at maximum efficiency in no time!

Common Signs of Sewer Issues

Here are some common signs of sewer problems:

  • Bad Odors – If you have noticed foul or unpleasant odors in your home, it may be coming from an unfortunate sewer issue.
  • Slow Drains – To fix and prevent slow drains, our experts will perform a full inspection of your sewer line to ensure this is not the cause.
  • Water Bill Spike – Noticed a recent and unusual spike in your water bill? It may be due to a broken or leaking sewer pipe. A simple video inspection will reveal if your sewer is the cause.
  • Mold & Water Damage – Moldy walls and ceilings can be caused by leaking pipes. If you have noticed water or mold damage in your home, call us today!
  • Sounds of Water – If running water is heard, but no water is being used, a burst pipe may be the culprit. To ensure that water is not being wasted, a sewer inspection should be performed to understand what may be causing these sounds.

Whether you have noticed new mold damage in your home or a recent and unusual spike in your water bill, it may be a good idea to have a sewer inspection completed by our expert professionals. Our plumbing experts can complete a variety of sewer inspections for virtually any sewer line on your property.

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Common Sewer Problems

Regardless of the sewer issue you may be experiencing, our plumbing expert has most likely dealt with it before. With decades of experience, our plumbers have seen and serviced hundreds of sewers all throughout Portland and surrounding areas.

A few of these common sewer problems we can service include:

  • Damage from Tree Roots – Tree roots are a sewer line’s worst enemy. If any type of tree root enters your sewer line, major damage could result. Our plumbing professionals will assess your damage and find a solution that works for you.
  • Pipe CorrosionDo you know how old your sewer line is? If you have experienced issues with your water flow or have noticed any collapses in your line, this may be the cause.
  • Broken Pipes – If any of your pipes have broken, cracked, or collapsed due to extreme weather or shifting soil, your sewer system may be in danger.
  • Excess Debris – A clog may have been caused in your sewer pipes due to excess debris in your system building up, like inorganic trash, grease, or food particles.

Our sewer and drain experts are standing by to help discover what exactly is preventing your plumbing and sewer system from operating correctly and efficiently. Whether you are experiencing a simple clog composed of leftover grease or a broken pipe, our team will find a solution that works for you – the first time!

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