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Samantha and Facundo, the owners of Zoom Drain Broward, bring a unique blend of culture, education, and diverse experiences to the drain and sewer industry. As proud minorities, their journey to entrepreneurship is a testament to the American dream, driven by their strong cultural roots and a deep commitment to their community.

Facundo's Journey from Buenos Aires to Florida

Facundo, originally hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, embarked on his American journey when his family migrated to the United States at the age of three. Growing up in Norwalk, Connecticut, he eventually made his way to Florida at the age of 16. Samantha hails from Valencia, Venezuela, and arrived in the United States at 17. Both share a profound connection to their heritages, which has shaped their values, guiding principles, and moral compasses.

Educational Background and Professional Experience

Samantha and Facundo bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Zoom Drain Broward. Facundo holds a bachelor's degree in business management and a Juris Doctorate. His professional journey includes a range of positions in business management, ownership of various small businesses, and practicing law at a plaintiff's class action firm in Boca Raton.

Samantha's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a master’s in marketing. With three years of experience in construction management, she has overseen large teams, managed substantial budgets, and successfully executed multiple projects from start to finish. Her most recent role involved leading the customer success department at a startup focused on streamlining direct-to-consumer delivery and online sales for local and regional supermarkets.

Skills and Roles at Zoom Drain Broward

While their previous careers may not have been directly related to the drain and sewer industry, Samantha and Facundo's skill sets closely parallel the requirements for success in the service industry. Facundo's legal acumen in sales and negotiation positions him perfectly as the sales director, ensuring excellent client outcomes. Samantha's hands-on experience in construction management aligns seamlessly with her role at Zoom Drain and provides invaluable industry insights and contacts.

Why Choose Zoom Drain Broward?

Zoom Drain was a natural choice for Samantha and Facundo, driven by their desire to address the community's urgent need for skilled tradespeople. The recession-resistant nature of plumbing services further fueled their interest. Their commitment to providing essential sanitation services reflects their dedication to the community.

Deep Roots in South Florida

The couple has sowed deep roots in South Florida, having lived there for over twelve years, attended school, and built a strong network of friends and family. Their love for Florida's weather, beaches, and vibrant culture is surpassed only by their admiration for Floridians' warm and caring nature. They are grateful for their warm welcome and respect in their adopted home.

Family Life and Hobbies

Samantha, Facundo, and their daughter Emma enjoy quality family moments in their free time. Facundo indulges in his passion for soccer and audiobooks, while Samantha immerses herself in the world of books and expresses her creativity through drawing and painting.

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Samantha and Facundo's dedication to Zoom Drain Broward reflects their commitment to serving their community, guided by a customer-centric approach rooted in their strong cultural heritage. Their journey is a testament to the American dream, and their business is poised to impact the South Florida community they call home.

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