Maintenance Programs

Commercial Drain Maintenance Programs in Lexington, KY

Keep your plumbing system running smoothly with the comprehensive maintenance programs offered by Zoom Drain of Lexington. We know that a well-maintained plumbing system is essential for a functional home or business. Take advantage of our services to keep your drains and pipes in top condition.

Reliable Commercial Drain Inspections

Get the best in precision solutions and reliable inspections. As a bonus, enjoy a free inspection and savings on routine cleanings. Our expert ZOOM DRAIN® System Engineer will design a personalized Planned Maintenance (PM) program tailored to your needs and budget. Choose from a variety of options that are perfect for you. Our exceptional services cover everything, from highly effective ZOOM Jetting® for busy drains, eco-friendly treatments for fighting grease buildup, to regular inspections of your drain lines.

Flexible Maintenance Solutions to Fit Your Schedule

Experience the convenience of our customized Planned Maintenance Services. No matter when you're available, we've got you covered. Join our monthly, quarterly, or yearly programs for seamless operations.

Uncover the Benefits of Planned Maintenance Programs for Your Drains

Don't wait until disaster strikes to give your drains the attention they deserve. Just like any skill or activity, proper maintenance is key to keeping your drains flowing smoothly.

Introducing Zoom Drain's Planned Maintenance program - the ultimate solution to all your drain problems. Here's why you should consider it:

  • Peace of Mind: Avoid the stress and inconvenience of unexpected drain issues. Our expert technicians will design a personalized drain cleaning program, ensuring your drains are in top shape. Say goodbye to sudden backups and costly repairs.
  • Save Money: Prevention is always more affordable than repair. Investing in regular drain maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in potential damages. Don't let a minor problem escalate into a financial nightmare.
  • Less Clogs, More Time: Forget about spending hours dealing with stubborn clogs. By regularly treating your drains with Zoom Bio, our professional drain technicians will keep obstructions at bay. Say goodbye to hair, grease, and food buildup, and enjoy hassle-free drain usage.
  • Fresh Smells for Your Business: Say goodbye to foul odors emanating from neglected drains. With our planned maintenance and high-pressure water jetting, we'll eliminate any lingering food, debris, or mold. Keep your business smelling fresh and inviting.

Invest in the long-term health of your drains with Zoom Drain's Planned Maintenance program. Say hello to reliable, odor-free drains that will keep your daily routine running smoothly. Contact us today to get started!

Our RaveReviews

  • “ Zoom Drain were phenomenal. Our plumber recommended them to us and they exceed all of our expectations!”

    - John G.

  • “Excellent job! Very professional men. Got the job done in less then one hour. Would highly recommend.”

    - Charles S.

  • “Highly recommend! I had an emergency situation my daughter recommended zoom drain. Very happy with the whole experience. They came out in the time frame quoted did the job at a fair price.”

    - Ella