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A clogged drain can cause far more than just a headache and a disruption to your routine. A clogged drain can be a sign of much more extensive problems. That’s why you need to reach out to the team at Zoom Drain of Montgomery County when you encounter these problems. We are a sewer and drain service in Pottstown that is dedicated to getting your home or business plumbing running again. Backed by a nationally recognized name with extensive experience, we are equipped with the best tools and technology to provide you with a reliable, efficient solution.

Our residential and commercial services include:

Simply put, if you have a problem with your sewer or drains, we can handle it. Plumbing repairs aren’t just something we do – they are all we do. Sewer and drain services are our specialty and your satisfaction with our services is our top priority.

To schedule a service with our Pottstown sewer and drain experts, give us a call at (215) 664-6795.

The Importance of Sewer Maintenance

Out of sight, out of mind? When it comes to your sewers, this is the wrong approach to take. However, too many home and business owners choose this option over routine maintenance and repairs. Sewer lines run underground, which makes it difficult to detect early problems. Only when those problems grow into more complex issues do you notice, and at that point more extensive – and expensive – repairs are required.

Sewers can go quite a while without needing a repair. However, when those problems do happen, it can cause quite a disruption to your life. These issues can be avoided altogether with routine sewer line maintenance. Zoom Drain of Montgomery County is extensively experienced with maintaining sewer lines and knows exactly what to look for when assessing your system. If we find any issues, we can repair them now before they cause major issues in the future.

Signs Your Sewer Requires Attention

On average, you should have your sewer lines cleaned every 12 - 24 months. Many people don’t follow this recommendation and are left with problems that include inefficient drainage and blockages. These problems can compound and cause additional problems for your property. That’s why we recommend the 1 to 2 years rule.

Neglecting to clean your sewer can lead to:

  • Strong, foul odors
  • Unreliability of your plumbing system
  • The appearance of pests and rodents

Notice the presence of one or more of the above? You may be overdue for a sewer cleaning. Contact our professionals to schedule a service. We’ll assess your situation to determine the best plan of action.

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Advanced Methods, Exceptional Results

Zoom Drain of Montgomery County is a locally owned and operated company backed by a national brand. That experience has allowed us to perfect our services. We use only the most advanced technology and cutting-edge approaches to your sewer and drain services.

Some ways we clean your sewer include:

  • ZOOM Jetting® - This is our trademark system that uses powerful water pressure to break through clogged drains.
  • PowerSnake – This is a fast and reliable method that rotates a cable with a blade through your pipes to loosen up clogs and build-up.
  • ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ and CitraJet® - These are preventative maintenance products we will use on previously cleaned drains to help naturally break down food, grease, hair, and other build-ups in your drains.

Repairing Your Sewers

When drain cleaning doesn’t do the trick and your pipes are severely clogged or have damages, we’ll use one of our advanced repair methods. Zoom Drain of Montgomery County offers a few options for repairing your sewer lines. Our PowerPipe™ method doesn’t require much digging and allows us to feed a new pipe into the ground while taking out the damaged portion. We may instead use Pipe Relining for pipes that don’t require replacement. We’ll use a liner or sleeve to fix your pipes and make them like-new.

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