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Drain Plumbing Professionals in Bergen County

Drain clogs are often best left to professionals. DIY attempts to resolve problems can provide temporary resolution, but the issue is bound to come back and possibly worsen if addressed incorrectly.

Our drain cleaning specialists at Zoom Drain of North Jersey provide unrivaled sewer services for homes and businesses in Passaic.

We can unclog pipes and drains of all kinds:

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Tubs
  • Showers
  • Utility Drains
  • Basement Drains
  • Sewer Main Lines
  • And more...

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Our Drain Cleaning Methods

We use several methods for clearing out clogged drains depending on the situation. Any of these options may be the best choice for your unique problem. After the procedure, our team can advise you on ways to keep your drains flowing freely for the long haul.

  • Drain Snaking: Zoom Drain uses PowerSnake technology to cut through clogs that have formed deep in your pipes. The drain snake is a flexible steel cable with rotating blades on the tip. Drain snaking is one of the most common methods for eliminating clogs.
  • Zoom Jetting®: High pressure water jetting is a more modern drain clearing technique. It can effectively dislodge and blast to pieces clogs of most sizes. Although the stream of water is powerful, professional drain specialists know how to apply the correct pressure to prevent harm to your pipes.
  • Drain Products: If you are looking for drain care products to keep your pipes clear for the long haul, we offer bacteria-based and enzyme-based solutions. ZOOM DRAIN Bio™, Citra-Jet, or RootX® are some of the products we normally recommend.
  • Drain Repair: In the event that your pipes are broken, leaking, or due for replacement, our team can employ non-invasive repair methods to avoid digging up your yard.

Ideas for How to Keep Clogs from Forming in Your Drain Pipes

There are many things to avoid putting down your drain due to their ability to create clogs. Usually, a lack of awareness about what items are unfriendly for drain pipes is the cause of many clogs. Our sewer and drain professionals in Passaic can advise you on how to take better care of your pipes in the future.

For now, here are our main recommendations for keeping drains clean:

  • Find ways to catch hair, food, and debris before it enters your drain. A mesh, grate or screen of some kind may be the solution.
  • Never let food wash down a drain without a garbage disposal.
  • Do not over use a garbage disposal. (Do not pour everything on your plate into the disposal).
  • Do not pour grease, oil, or fat into your drain. These are a major cause of severe clogs and can cause sewer pipe damage.
  • Brush your hair before using the bath or shower to limit how much hair ends up in your drain.
  • Avoid chemical drain cleaning products. These can damage your pipes.

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