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Drain And Sewer Clearing In New Brunswick

Expert Unclogging With PowerSnaking and Water Jetting

Are you dealing with issues such as a smelly drain or a messy backup? You probably have a clog hiding just below the surface but, don’t worry, Zoom Drain of North Jersey can fix that. Our expert and swift drain service is available around the clock, because clogs don’t just happen during normal business hours, to provide a free assessment of your line’s problem.

If a buildup or a clog is found, there’s two potential options: powersnaking or water jetting. Our powersnake can cut through most buildups, whether it’s gunk, debris or tree roots. The flexible, durable cable, with a small blade on the end, maneuvers through drains to find the clog and then a sharp blade breaks apart whatever is hindering your wastewater from flowing. If one of our professionals encounters some buildup, we use our ZOOM Jetting® system. The high-pressure hose maneuvers through drains, providing intense water power to completely clean out the inside of the drain. The pipe walls will be clean of buildup, eliminating future clogs, and the jetter won’t damage your lines, so they’ll be spotless for the future.

If you’re in need of water jetting or a powersnake service, schedule an appointment online with Zoom Drain of North Jersey or call (201) 734-3308.

How Can I Tell If I Potentially Need A Drain Clearing Service?

  • Unpleasant smells, like the scent of rotten eggs.
  • Gurgling sounds when wastewater evacuates.
  • Puddling around the outside of your property.
  • Unwanted pests flying around the drain.

If your drain is acting up, it’s best not to dump acid-based solutions down there. If there’s a significant drain clog, those solutions could potentially sit in your pipes and eat away at the wall. Don’t run the risk of making it any worse and trust in the experts. If you’re wondering what others in the New Brunswick area had to say, check out a recent customer’s review:

“Our tech arrived right on time, had an excellent work ethic – he was the ultimate professional. He’s a master at detecting clogs and unclogging drains, getting the job done effectively and wiping out 10 years worth of baby wipes backed up in our home’s mainline. He finished it in just about an hour and it was remarkable. I highly recommend Zoom Drain to save your home.”

– Angela, Five-Star Google Review

If you’ve seen the signs that your drain needs clearing, give us a call at (201) 734-3308 or schedule an appointment online today.

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