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Sewer Line & Drain Repair in Roselle, NJ

You need sewer line repairs in Roselle, and you need them now. That cracked drain pipe or tree root infiltration is wreaking havoc on your entire plumbing system, causing more than a minor inconvenience. Have no fear! Zoom Drain of North Jersey is proud to be your local source for expert drain and sewer repairs. Serving both commercial and residential properties, we've got you covered, from your bathroom toilet or sink to your storm drain or sewer. Basically, we work on anything in your home that carries water!

Our Roselle drain experts provide you with services that are fast, focused, and exceed your expectations. Repairing drains is our specialty! That means our highly-qualified technicians have repaired every kind of broken drain and sewer imaginable.

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What Is Drain Pipe Repair?

Beyond clearing active clogs, our expert technicians inspect and diagnose drain problems and perform drain pipe repairs in Roselle and nearby. Whether you have a slow-flowing tub drain, a chronically clogging toilet, or smelly sink drain, it's often the result of an underlying issue that needs repair.

For instance, a tree root may have grown inside a sewer pipe, causing a partial obstruction. We can remove the root within the pipe and patch the area using trenchless sewer repair methods. Other common reasons for drain repairs may include things like sagging or bellied pipes, grease and debris buildup inside the drain, frozen pipes, and more.

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Excavation Sewer Repair in Roselle

Having underground drain issues? We understand how frustrating this can be. Our goal is to get your drain issues fixed as soon as possible to help restore your normal day to day. You can even request your appointment right here on our website.

During excavation sewer repair, experts use equipment to quickly and accurately dig a trench that allows them to access your main sewer line.

Common Problems with Sewer Drains

Sewer drains get a lot of use in the average home or business, which means they are susceptible to plenty of problems. Some of the most common sewer problems we encounter include:

  • Pipes can clog
  • Pipes can crack or break due to age, external movement, or freezing weather
  • Tree roots can invade pipes and cause them to fissure or break
  • Pipes can become "bellied" or sag, which can cause waste to back up
  • Pipes can become corroded over time

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When Sewer Replacement May Be Necessary for Your Union County Home

When the average person thinks about plumbing and issues that may arise, they usually think about situations like a leaking faucet or slow-draining kitchen sink. In the grand scheme of things, the sewer plays a huge part in your home’s or business’ plumbing system.

sewer drain in concrete

The following are situations where it may be necessary to repair or replace your sewer system:

  • Toilets, tubs, and sinks are experiencing issues at the same time
  • Gurgling sound coming from your toilets and/or drains
  • Sour smell in or around your home
  • There are trees or roots near your sewer lines

These are only some of the issues that may be telltale signs of a sewer problem.

    Frequently Asked Drain Repair Questions

    When researching sewer line repair companies near you, you may have some questions. Here are a few of the questions we are most commonly asked by other homeowners like you.

    Do you provide sewer excavations?

    Yes! If you need to replace your sewer system, we provide sewer replacement and excavation services.

    Do I need to replace my corroded sewer pipe?

    By inspecting the condition of your pipes, we can determine if descaling will solve the problem or whether they require replacement.

    How long do cast iron sewer pipes last?

    Cast iron pipes will usually last from 75 to 100 years, but rust and corrosion may shorten this lifespan.

    How long do PVC sewer pipes last?

    PVC piping usually lasts a few decades from around 25 to 40 years.

    Is water collecting in my yard a sign of a sewer problem?

    Yes. If you are noticing very lush areas in your lawn or areas with pooling water, it may be due to a sewer leak.

    How do I know if my sewer line is broken?

    Some common signs of a sewer line problem include:
    • Slow drains throughout the house
    • Rodent problems
    • Insect problems
    • Sewer smell
    • Uneven areas in the yard

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