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Trusted Residential Drain And Sewer Line Repair

Have you been putting off a drain or sewer repair because you’re worried about the cost, the mess and the hassle that comes with home services? Zoom Drain of North Jerseyspecializes in repairing wastewater drain systems. Our expert technicians, who serve both residential and commercial properties, provide minimally invasive repair methods that could save you money. We’ll come out, perform a line inspection and provide the best possible solution for your problem. If you have a drain problem, don’t wait, because there’s a good chance it’ll get worse.

If your sewer line is still in decent shape and it doesn’t need a full replacement, you might need pipe relining. We cure the new epoxy inside the old pipe, creating a new and smooth pipe wall. Now, you basically have a brand new pipe inside of an old one – but what are the benefits?

  • An increased flow due to the eliminating joints.
  • A brand-new interior, with a guaranteed 50-year lifespan.
  • Epoxy that molds to the old pipe.
  • Helps stop leaks and root intrusion.
  • Withstands placement underneath concrete slabs or foundations.
  • Conforms to many non-standard pipe shapes and sizes.
  • It’s an NSF/IAPMO-certified system.

If you’re curious about pipe relining and if it’s the right solution for you, give Zoom Drain of North Jersey a call at (201) 734-3308 or schedule an appointment online today!

Is Trenchless Sewer Replacement A Better Method?

Sometimes, thanks to weathering, aging or other reasons, your sewer pipes are beyond relining and it’s time to consider pipe replacement. Many Union County residents prefer trenchless sewer replacement. With this newer technology, there’s no need to dig up the entire length of the pipe, instead it just takes a small area. Given less digging and less risk of having to rip up your property, it’s more cost-effective than traditional methods. It also allows for precision, to ensure that the right portion of the pipe is replaced, especially if it’s a significant length.

Saving money is great but it could also save you time. Most often, Trenchless Sewer Replacement can be done in two days, while other methods can take several days, at minimum. Not to mention, it’s more environmentally friendly, allowing for less dug up plants and trees – plus, the more digging, the more risk for toxic substances and molds to contaminate your lawn.

Wondering if trenchless sewer replacement is right for you? Call us at (201) 734-3308 and we’ll answer them – and even send an expert to assess the situation for free!

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