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Grease Trap CLEANING Services in Charlotte

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance

Grease traps must receive regular maintenance to function. The plumbing and drainage system in your commercial kitchen depends on it. If you own or manage a restaurant in Charlotte, Zoom Drain of Charlotte can help. Our grease trap services include grease interceptor cleaning, pumping, and general inspection.

Oils and fats build up and cause severe clogs, foul-smelling sewer odors, and other health and safety hazards. Grease trap cleaning can protect your employees, customers, and business.

Restaurant owners rely on Zoom Drain of Charlotte. We make sure your kitchen's grease trap gets the regular cleaning it needs to function. Our team uses advanced tools, proven techniques, and world-class customer care for lasting results. Choose our grease trap cleaning for your Charlotte restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or kitchen. We can help you stay compliant with local regulations.

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What Do Grease Traps Do?

A grease trap separates vegetable oils and animal fats (aka grease) from wastewater. It slows the flow of water in your drains to let the grease cool and solidify. This creates layers and traps debris via a removable filter. The grease rises to the top, clear water flows out, and other grease solids float to the bottom.

Without this process, grease attaches itself to the walls of your sewer and drainage pipes. This can lead to clogs, blockages, and even sewage back-ups on your property. Because the cooled solids and trapped debris remain in the grease trap, it must be pumped out. Otherwise, it may flow back into your system.

How Often Do Grease Traps Need Cleaning in Charlotte?

Frequency depends on how much use it gets. This can vary with the volume of wastewater produced and the size of the trap installed. Generally, most commercial kitchens empty their grease traps every two to four weeks.

Scheduling regular grease trap pumping keeps your property safe. Your kitchen also stays compliant with Charlotte grease trap regulations. Our experts can give you a personalized recommendation on commercial grease trap service during our visit.

How To Clean Grease Trap?

Fat, oil, and grease, also known as FOG, should be thoroughly cleaned from the grease trap. While you may consider following a DIY guide on grease trap cleaning, we don't recommend it. Seek a local Charlotte grease trap specialist for help.

This ensures a job done right. With a professional, you can avoid local fines and grease fires — not to mention the mess of DIY. Our team even offers a satisfaction guarantee on all our services. We give you peace of mind and a worry-free decision.

Our team at Zoom Drain of Charlotte has years of training and experience. Once we see the specific model and condition of your grease trap, we can recommend the best grease trap cleaning schedule for your kitchen.

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