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Do you know the last time your drainage system was inspected? If you’re unsure of the answer, it should probably be done soon, or there could be trouble in your line. It’s recommended that, to ensure your wastewater lines continue to flow their best, your drains and sewers get inspected by a professional at least once a year, if not more based on usage. Keeping up with it could save you a lot of time and money, plus the headache of dealing with an emergency backup.

Here at Zoom Drain of Connecticut, our experts have all of the necessary tools and experience to see exactly what’s happening inside of your wastewater pipes – and to solve any problems fast! With our non-invasive video camera inspection service, we can locate any issue, in real-time, that might be forming in your line and immediately send you the footage and snapshots. At that point, we’ll be able to decide the best course of action for you and your system, whether it’s pesky buildup or a massive clog forming, and handle those problems right there, on the spot.

Each of our expert technicians arrive in a fully-stocked service truck, so we can handle problems on the spot, rather than waiting for the right person or equipment. If we find buildup or a soft clog, made up of toilet paper and flushable wipes, it’ll require our high-pressure water jetter, which can actually send up to 4,000 PSI of water through the line, blasting away anything standing in its way or forming on the pipe’s wall. It works much the same way a power washer does and will leave the pipe looking spotless, without damaging it. If we discover something that needs a little more muscle, such as heavy debris or tree roots, it’ll call for our powersnake. Featuring a spinning blade head on the end of a flexible metal cord, it can cut through just about anything, even the toughest grease and grime, that’s been sitting in your drain for quite a while.

Whatever trouble your wastewater lines might be experiencing, we can help. Give Zoom Drain of Connecticut a call at (203) 989-3557 or schedule an appointment online.

How To Maintain Your Wastewater Lines After We’re Gone

Customers sometimes ask us how they can keep from seeing us again, once their service is complete – at least until the next recommended service. Although there’s no way to keep your drain and sewer lines clean forever, staying proactive will keep your entire system flowing its best even longer. Want to know some techniques we recommend? Here are just a few that our experts tell Ridgefield residents and businesses after servicing their line, to avoid major issues:

  • Remain Vigilant: Always keep an eye on what is going down your drain and avoid flushing anything that isn’t toilet paper – it doesn’t matter what the label might say. That also includes things such as hygiene products, medication, cooking grease and food.
  • Run Hot Water: Run your sink’s hot water at least once every week. It could potentially help break down grease, oils and other buildup – keep in mind, it’s not a cure-all.
  • Insert Drain Traps: Mesh drain traps are a great way to limit what goes down the drain. You’ll be surprised at all of the hair and other debris it keeps out of your drains daily.

But, if you do begin to battle a slow-draining sink or drain, don’t pour store-bought, acid-based, liquid drain cleaners down there. They can get stuck inside of the pipe right along with the clog and, if that happens, it’ll slowly begin to eat away at the pipe. It’s best to call the experts for help.

Whether you have a clog or want to see inside of your lines, we have the tools to handle it. Call Zoom Drain of Connecticut at (203) 989-3557 or schedule an appointment online.

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