Drain & Sewer Experts in Trumbull

State-of-the-Art Sewer Solutions

As a property owner, you understand the importance of maintaining your property's drainage systems. From minor clogs to major sewer-related emergencies, drainage issues can create a nightmare scenario and significant damage to your property. Therefore, it is wise to hire professionals with the skills and expertise to handle various drain and sewer projects.

ZOOM DRAIN® is proud to be Trumbull’s local solution for reliable sewer and irrigation cleaning and clearing solutions. We understand every property is unique and requires specific drainage services. We have a range of technologies and techniques for every drainage type. Whether your property is residential or commercial, our knowledge, skills, and resources will adjust to meet your needs.

Our camera inspection services are reliable, efficient, and high-tech. We use state-of-the-art camera inspections to identify the source of drain problems with accuracy. Our plumbing experts can locate and diagnose the exact cause of the blockage. This allows us to expedite our services and eliminate the guesswork associated with traditional plumbing methods.

Your One-Stop Destination for Clogged Drains

At ZOOM DRAIN®, all our sewer and drain solutions are designed to provide efficient and long-lasting results. We have repaired all kinds of drain and sewer problems in Trumbull, including clogged pipes, root intrusion, collapsed lines, and sewer backups.

Our professional drain solutions include:

  • ZOOM Jetting®: This eco-friendly, innovative, high-pressure cleaning solution eliminates stubborn clogs and blockages.
  • ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ Treatments: This combination of beneficial bacteria and enzymes helps break down organic matter and debris in drain systems.
  • RootX® Herbicide: This potent formula destroys roots within the sewer lines.
  • CitraJet®: This detergent-based solution cleans out grease and oil buildup in your drainage system.

Whether you're dealing with a minor drainage issue or a significant sewer-related emergency, our team of experts has the tools and expertise to get the job done right. Our services are available 24/7. We respond quickly to emergencies – providing reliable, efficient, and affordable sewer and drainage services you can trust.

Are you dealing with plumbing issues in Trumbull? Call (203) 989-3557 to speak with one of our experts today!

Our RaveReviews

  • “ Zoom Drain were phenomenal. Our plumber recommended them to us and they exceed all of our expectations!”

    - John G.

  • “Excellent job! Very professional men. Got the job done in less then one hour. Would highly recommend.”

    - Charles S.

  • “Highly recommend! I had an emergency situation my daughter recommended zoom drain. Very happy with the whole experience. They came out in the time frame quoted did the job at a fair price.”

    - Ella