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What Causes a Residential Sewer Drain to Clog?

One of the most prominent and common issues that can affect your home’s sewer system is a sewer line clog. All sorts of things can end up down the drains of your home that never should have been washed away in the first place. Too much abuse from little items over time can result in a severe clogging problem deep in the pipes.

Three common culprits behind sewer line clogs are:

  • Nondegradable waste: The toilets and sinks throughout your home can seem like a super convenient way to get rid of all types of trash, but it is essential to remember that they are not trashcans. Do not put anything that cannot be dissolved readily in water into your toilet or down the sink. Even commonplace napkins can be durable enough to form a clog.
  • Cooking grease: When you are done cooking anything that produces grease, like bacon in the skillet each morning, avoiding putting the grease down the sink at all costs. Cooking grease and oils will clog your sewer line before you know it. Instead, pour the grease into a tin can that you can throw away in a trashcan once it cools.
  • Large quantities of food waste: When you use your garbage disposal, place food waste into it slowly and gradually. Do not clump large amounts of food in your garbage disposal at once. The garbage disposal may be able to push the food waste down the pipe, but it can still develop into a clog when it hits the sewer line later on.

Zoom Drain of Maryland uses top-tier tools and technology to break apart any bad sewer line clog, if one does form in your home. Whether it is from paper waste, grease, food, hair, coffee grounds, or anything else, we can find a way to eliminate it. As our name implies, we’ll eliminate it fast!

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When Are Sewer Cleaning Services Needed?

If your drains are acting up for any reason, whether they are blocked up, backing up, or unreliable, sewer cleaning is likely the solution. We provide comprehensive sewer services for clogs, leaks, and when inspections or replacement are needed.

You should considering bringing in an expert if any of the following are true:

  • You are experiencing clogged drains on a regular basis
  • You are noticing sewer smells from the basement, yard or drains
  • Your property has trees or tree roots near your sewer line
  • You have not had your home’s sewer line cleaned out in the past year or year-and-a-half
  • Your home is older and the sewer line has never been inspected
  • You are buying a new home

Introducing ZOOM Jetting® & ZOOM DRAIN Bio™

We have two primary methods of cleaning residential sewer lines in Baltimore:

  • ZOOM Jetting®: Tough clogs in your sewer line can’t stand up to our ZOOM Jetting® technology. This system uses directed water pressure to bust up clogs and clean the inside of sewer lines, which helps stop other clogs from forming in the future.
  • ZOOM DRAIN Bio™: If you want to clear up your sewer line while also helping preserve the environment, choose our ZOOM DRAIN Bio™ product! It is a naturally derived cleaner that eats through organic waste while leaving the pipes intact.

At Zoom Drain of Maryland, we offer a variety of sewer cleaning services in Baltimore, Ellicott City, and the Annapolis area to keep your sewer lines working at their best. From routine maintenance to in-depth cleanings, we do it all and always at a fair price.

Sewer Line Clog Jetting Near Me

The longer your home’s sewer system goes without a cleaning, the more likely a clog will form, or another problem will arise. In order to keep your sewer line clear, plan for routine sewer cleanings from Zoom Drain of Maryland. We make scheduling services online simple because we prioritize what is most convenient for you. In the case of a sewer line emergency that is causing sewage to backflow into your home, we will arrange to be at your home as soon as possible, within a matter of hours or sooner.

Your home’s sewer system is a crucial component of your home, but you might not think about it too often. Most homeowners assume that their sewer lines and sewer systems are working fine as long as there is no obvious problem. However, there might be little issues that end up becoming a more serious issue later.

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