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If you own a restaurant or kitchen, you probably know how important a clean grease trap can be to your operation. Oils, fats and grease quickly build up within your drainage system but a grease trap helps to separate these substances from wastewater lines heading to the sewer, preventing overflow and allowing the grease interceptor to function normally. When there’s a problem with it, your whole business can come to a grinding halt and even bring out the Department of Health.

At Zoom Drain of Maryland we offer grease trap maintenance plans, so you can focus on more important things when it comes to your business. We schedule monthly, quarterly or yearly visits for Bel Air commercial locations, to assess your grease trap, make sure it’s in good working order and pump the grease, so your lines are flowing their best. Regular cleaning means no costly emergency repairs that will dent your wallet and leave your business unable to operate.

Looking for more information about grease trap pumping or want to sign a preventative maintenance plan? You can schedule it online or call (410) 438-8075 today.

We don’t only service commercial location’s operations. We also provide drain and sewer cleaning services at your Bel Air residence!

How Do I Know If I Need Drain Cleaning At My Home?

Have you been using a slow-draining sink for months and it seems to be working fine or are you noticing the toilet flushes but there’s less water exiting from the bowl? Like anything else, your drains often provide warning signs that there could be something building up inside of the pipes. It’s important to pay close attention to these signals, know what to look for and know if you need to call a professional. But how exactly do you tell if there’s an issue where you cannot see?

Here are some warning signs Bel Air residents have seen, indicating it’s time to call for service:

  • Your sink or bathtub wastewater takes a long time to flow down the drain.
  • Sometimes, your bathtub or sink fills with water when not in use.
  • There’s foul odors, often smelling like rotten eggs, coming from your drain.
  • Pests, like drain flies, are coming from your drain or hanging around the property’s lines.
  • You keep hearing strange noises, even when your drain isn’t in use.

Trusting Zoom Drain with your drain service is a no-brainer, but don’t just take our word for it:

“I had a plumber come out and recommended Zoom Drain – and they scheduled me quickly. When they showed up, they were super professional. They used a drop cloth to keep the area clean, wore booties to keep my carpet clean and even had booties on the machinery. They were extremely fast and pleasant and I definitely will use Zoom Drain again for my drain cleaning!”

– Jared G., Five-Star Google Review

Is your bathtub filling up with water or does your kitchen sink have drain flies? Let us take care of it, call (410) 438-8075 or schedule a drain cleaning appointment today!

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