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How long has it been since your sewer system was inspected by a professional? If you don’t know the answer, your drains could be giving you warning signs there’s a buildup. Those signs include puddling around your property, gurgling after you run water or even a rotten egg smell coming from your pipes. Your drains are working constantly – don’t wait until it’s an emergency!

At Zoom Drain of Maryland, our drain cleaning service will be able to tell if there’s buildup in your sewer line or if there's a clog that could lead to future problems. One of our experts will come out, for free, to assess the situation and, from there, assess status of your pipes – and even send you updates of what we find. If there’s gunk buildup, our high-pressure water jetter will blast through the line, eliminating anything on the sewer wall and help to keep clogs at bay for the future. If your wastewater line is sluggish and there’s a massive clog forming, our powersnake will be able to cut through anything that stands in its way, from gunk to flushable wipes to even the strongest tree roots.

If you’re dealing with an immediate issue in Baltimore County, we’ll be able to respond – and help — quickly!

Has it been a while since a professional looked at your drains? Don’t wait for something to happen, instead call us at (410) 438-8075 or schedule an appointment online today!

What Types Of Drains Do You Service In Baltimore County?

If it’s a pipe that helps wastewater exit your property, we handle it! Our experts have gone through comprehensive in-house training, mandatory background checks and operate full-loaded service trucks, so you can be sure that they’re well-equipped to handle your drains. If you’re unsure what all is considered a drain, here a list of just some of lines we maintenance:

  • Kitchen: Whether your sink is draining slowly or your garbage disposal is clogged up from food debris, we’ll get everything flowing and draining again before your next meal.
  • Bathroom: Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom contains the most drains and, luckily, we can service all of them – from the toilet to the sink to the shower and bathtub.
  • Outdoor: We’ll clean out any buildup or debris if you have drains throughout your yard or running along your driveway. That way, they’ll be ready for the next substantial rainfall.
  • Basement: Lots of houses in Baltimore County have basements and if you’re one of those residents, routine drain cleaning is important to ensure rainfall doesn’t leave a wet mess around your foundation. We’ll even make sure the sump pump is working properly.
  • Restaurant: Are you a food service owner with a kitchen or restaurant? You need to keep it compliant with local regulations, which is why we’re here to handle your grease trap pumping. Regular grease trap maintenance helps prevent buildups and clogs.

It doesn’t matter what type of drain, if you have a problems, give us a call at (410) 438-8075 today – or schedule an appointment online. Zoom Drain – fast, focus, fixed.

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