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For the last week, you’ve ignored that slow draining bathtub or kitchen sink but if you don’t do something soon, you’ll most likely have a backup on your hands – and wastewater all over the floor. Don’t wait any longer, instead call Zoom Drain of Rhode Island and get your drain and sewer lines cleared fast and efficiently, so they’re flowing their best and you can focus on other things.

Whether it’s your bathroom at home or the grease trap at your restaurant, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our expert technicians service over 1,000 drains every year, which is actually more than most plumbers deal with in their lifetime, so you can be certain you’ll get the knowledge and experience of an expert. With an extensive, hands-on, in-house training program, our experts hone their skills in the classroom and never learn out in the field. And you’ll always know who is arriving at your door, thanks to a short bio and photo that we send out 30 minutes prior to our arrival in one of our fully-stocked trucks.

Stop putting off that nuisance before it’s a bigger problem, give Zoom Drain of Rhode Island a call at (401) 399-4065 or schedule an appointment online today.

My Drain Smells Like Rotten Eggs – What Should I Do?

Even though the majority of your wastewater lines are out of plain view, they do offer warning signs that trouble might be on the horizon. These warning signs are important indications and one of the most noticeable is a bizarre smell coming from the drain, which typically resembles rotten eggs. Clogs are the primary culprit when it comes to strange smells, which allow bacteria to form in the p-trap – the curved pipe, often made of PVC, underneath the drain. Over time, that bacteria will release a noticeable stench and it has nowhere to go except into your home.

If you’re experiencing weird smells coming from your drain, it’s best to have a professional inspect the line. There’s a good chance there’s buildup or a clog in there that needs to be addressed with a high-pressure water jetter, to blast everything away. Want to stay ahead of the embarrassing smells related to bacteria? Here’s what we recommend Cumberland residents do to help keep smells caused by clogs at bay – and your wastewater pipes flowing their best:

  • If the weather allows, wash your pets outside. It will help prevent an excessive amount of hair and dander – especially during shedding season – from going down the drain.
  • Place mesh traps over any of your open drains, to help catch some of the soap scum and hair. You’ll be amazed at how much it collects over the course of a given day.
  • Brush your hair before bathing or showering – it’ll also keep hair from your pipes.

If you’ve noticed odd smells coming from your drain, you could have a problem. Don’t let it go. Call Zoom Drain of Rhode Island at (401) 399-4065 or schedule an appointment online.

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